VaultHunter.EXE exploring conditions which trigger certain effects

Action Package
Unlocked By:
Kick Him While He's Down
Claptrap digistructs a large bomb, which will explode after a short delay, dealing heavy Explosive damage to enemies and allies alike. If he doesn't do damage, he enters Fight For Your Life mode. Lonely Mode + Melee Enemy + Enemies Present + Health Full + Shield Full
Gun Wizard
You're... GOING TO LOVE ME!!
Drastically increased fire rate, damage, magazine size, and gives maximum ammo. The effect extends to any allies near Claptrap. Lonely Mode + Health Full + Shield Low + Enemies Present
Lonely Mode + Health Full + Melee Enemy + Enemies Present
Torgue Fiesta,
I Am Rubber, You Are Glue
Claptrap will periodically emit a live grenade in a random direction that can damage both allies and enemies. The effect extends to any allies near Claptrap.
Pirate Ship Mode
Livin' Near The Edge
Claptrap dons a Pirate hat and 4 cannons, allowing him to deal massive damage in this mode. Fires to the tune of the 1812 Overture. Each cannon shot flies in a slight arc and explodes on impact with a fairly large blast radius and high explosive damage. The final three salvos do the most damage.
One Shot Wonder
One pull of the trigger unloads all ammo left in the magazine at once and knocks Claptrap back. The effect extends to Claptrap's allies.
Laser Inferno
Rainbow Coolant
A disco ball floats above Claptrap's Head, constantly shooting elemental lasers in Claptrap's vicinity.
Claptrap throws out a mini-Claptrap turret which shoots rockets, similar to Axton's Sabre Turret.
Meat Unicycle
Claptrap switches to melee, using a Buzz Axe, similar to Krieg's Buzz Axe Rampage. The fire button slashes horizontally, while the aim button slashes vertically. Claptrap also periodically emits a fire nova.
Claptrap creates an exact copy of the gun he's holding, and automatically fires them without stopping, mimicking Salvador's Gunzerking ability. Ammo also regenerates. Teammates also fire their gun endlessly while this ability is active.
Claptrap summons a Punkbot, which attacks enemies in a similar manner to Gaige's Deathtrap. Gun accuracy is reduced, but damage is increased, similar to Gaige's Anarchy. Bullets also bounce off of walls towards enemies similar to her Close Enough skill. These effects extend to the entire team. Lonely Mode + Enemies Present + Health Full + Shot Enemy
Shhhh... Trap!
Claptrap creates a hologram, while going invisible, similar to Zer0's Decepti0n ability. Claptrap is free to attack as many times as he likes without breaking stealth.
Blight Bot
Claptrap summons a mini-Sirentrap, with corrosive-fire wings on its back, which proceeds to attack enemies using elemental damage, similar to Maya's Blight Phoenix skill. Lonely Mode + Enemies Present + Health Full + Shield Full
Rubber Ducky
Claptrap and his teammates begin to bounce endlessly while reflecting bullets as well.
Senseless Sacrifice
Default (Co-op only)
Claptrap is downed to take the place of all team members that are currently downed (revives them).
Default (Co-op only)
Claptrap gains a healing laser that he can use to restore his team's health.

Mecromancer's secret stash

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