About Me

I'm a big fan of the Borderlands series. I've been playing Borderlands 2 ever since I got it last year. I then got the GOTY edition and played through the whole game AND the 4 DLCs.


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Gamertag: I K0MBATDAN I
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This user has "faced"
Handsome Jack.
This user has sunk the Leviathan!
This user has beaten Hyperius the Invincible!
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This user has unmade Jackenstein!
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This user likes to make
things go BOOM!
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This user likes to
set enemies on Fire
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This user likes to melt faces
with corrosive weapons
Jakobs.png If it ain't a Jakobs, I'd rather be dead!
Hyperion.png What good is a gun that doesn't shoot where you point?
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