aka the one who shall not speak his name.

  • I live in Pandora.
  • My occupation is Level 72 Psycho
  • I am Male


This guy... is my favorite.

About Me

I'm just a Borderlands fan who wants to make quality pages on wikis. When I created this profile, Zer0 was my favorite character, but my favorite is now Krieg. Nontheless, I am still pretty new to this wiki, so if you think any of my edits need more work or if you just need to tell me something, leave a message on my talk page. See you on Pandora!

Favorite Borderlands Quotes

"You lost me at 'instead of punching'." -Brick


"SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!!!" -Face McShooty

"EXPLOSIONS!!!" -Mister Torgue "High Five" Flexington

"Oh, well maybe because SHUT THE HELL UP MORDY !!!" -Tiny Tina

"You win this round, inanimate object!" -Claptrap

"If you ask why I'm called the White Knight, I may punch your throat." -Roland the Knight

"You're a Vault Hunter! That's like a unicorn!" -Scooter

"No one eats my girlfriends but me...-oh god, too far." -Mad Moxxi

"I got a perfectly legal and NOT shady job for ya." -Dr. Zed

"No refunds!" -Marcus Kincaid

"Ow! Ooh! Ugh! Ow! Ouch! Ugh! Ohgodwhy...!" -Professor Nakayama upon death.

"OH DEAR LORD IT'S DISGUSTING KILL IT KILL IT!!!" -Sir Hammerlock; Hunter, Scholar, Gentleman.

"Tell Scooter to stop setting my customers on fire!" -Ellie

"Bring me a bucket, and I'LL SHOW YOU A BUCKET!!!" -Random Psycho

"Ahh! I'm a dwarf and I'm enslaved!" -Random Dwarf

"I am NOT a cheater!" -Piston the Cheater

"This is kinda awful... but mostly awesome!" -Krieg's Inner voice

"Who doesn't like volcanoes? They're mountains that explode fire. That's literally the definition of awesome, am I right?!" -Handsome Jack

"If it took more than one shot, then you aren't me." Zer0issilent

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