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Data mining and such

I'm the kind of person who has to poke at the game I'm playing and see what makes it tick. I've found some interesting things in doing that. I'll add them to the wiki as I can.

A lot of the information comes from localization files, found in directories like "\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Localization\INT". Don't let the weird extensions fool you: these are just text files that can be opened in notepad.


  • Crystaloferous the Invincible is in fact a real thing, inasmuch as finding some entries with that name in a handful of localization files makes something "real". (\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Localization\JPN\GD_Population_Crystalisk.JPN for example) Likely scrapped, rather than hiding and waiting to be unlocked. It's a fine tradition for every portion of Borderlands 2 to have a removed raid boss, too.

Torgue DLC

  • Motor Momma was apparently meant to turn into a raid boss named Momma the Invincible. Found this in the JPN localization files, specifically \Borderlands 2\DLC\Iris\Compat\Localization\JPN\GD_Iris_Raid_MotorMama.JPN

Hammerlock DLC

TONS of stuff here, all found in the pre-release localization files (\Borderlands 2\DLC\Sage\Compat\Localization\). The INT (English) directory is pretty sparse, but the other languages have tons of content. Japanese files are a great source for names, and between Spanish, French, and Italian translations you can get a fairly solid handle on what the mission text is going to be.

  • A whopping FOUR raid boss fights are at least partially resourced in the game, at least going by entity names that end in "the Invincible". How many make will it to release isn't clear, given that EVERY DLC so far has had at least one raid boss who didn't make the cut. Anyway, they are:
  1. Voracidous the Invincible. This is the one boss I'm sure will be in the DLC, since the main "Raid" mission text refers to him (GD_Sage_Raid). Apparently he's a gigantic stalker, and according to the translated mission text there's some kind of "Sorceror" who controls him, and some bandit savages who worship him. Also, the quest teaser reads "It's dangerous to go alone. Really." Gotta love the Zelda references.
  2. Chimeraxx the Invincible. Possibly another stalker raid boss, judging by the fact that it is named in the file "GD_Sage_Pop_SuperStalker". The same file also lists a "Candyman", as well as a witch Doctor, "Savage Watchman" and "Savage Murderer", the latter two who transform into "Thralls".
  3. Dexiduous the Invincible. This appears in the file "GD_Sage_Pop_Drifter". The name appears at the bottom of a list of different rank names for the Drifter type of enemy, possibly the kind from the Knoxx DLC, with increasing ranks. There's also an entry for a named Drifter, Arizona.
  4. Roscoe's Offspring, specifically Roscoe Jr. the Invincible (Corrosive), Firettus the Invincible (Fire), Torriflux the Invincible (Shock), and Hagarum the Invincible ("Rock", whatever that means). All of these are found in "GD_Sage_Pop_RakkHive". The fight against Roscoe's offspring was supposed to be the second raid boss fight in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, but was scrapped prior to release. It'll be nice if it makes it in.

More stuff to come I'm sure.

Random Images

Here's a few images I've uploaded for various purposes. I'll link them here in case they get unlinked elsewhere, to prevent them from being deleted for being orphaned.