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About me

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Gamertag: Veggienater

  • Im into borderlands way too much. I like all the characters.

  • I like anime, action movies and Motorcycles! which i do own one.

  • If you need Help or are looking for Loot contact my talk page!!!

  • I dont mod myself but dont dislike modding as long as you keep it to yourself,
unless i ask you for something ;) which i probably wont.
I am also a fan of the Mass Effect Series.
Current also playing Diablo III : Reaper of Souls

Official Wiki Business

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on Borderlands Wiki
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Surgical Strike Cleaning Crew
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Hi, I am a
Borderlands Wiki
If you have any questions please contact me.

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My Favorite Manufacturers

Maliwan loyalty.jpg
" Leaving only residue of your enemies since 2009 "
Maliwan Co.
Jakobs Fodder.jpg
" Having our Wood in your hands, makes us happy "... ;)
Jakobs Co.
" Hold the power of the gods in your hands "
Atlas Co.
" Tech, plus ammo capacity, equals I win "
S&S Munitions Co.
A Penny for your thoughts... ;)
Dahl Co.
Torgue logo.jpeg
This user is a "Bastard"
Torgue Co.
This User likes to use Elemental Weapons
This User moarns the loss of
Atlas co. and S&S Munitions co.
in Borderlands 2.

Favorite BL 1 Characters

Lilith background2.jpg
" I'm really good at this "
Lilith the Siren
" Dont run, you will just Die tired "
Mordecai the Hunter
Borderlands 2.jpg
" Critical, Bi'atch ! "
Roland the Soldier
Moxxi DLC Intro.jpg
This User " Respects "
Mad Moxxi
as an " Entertainer "... ;)
Borderlands 2010-02-25 16-04-17-22.jpg
" Thats the thing that does the other thing...and shit "
Scooter the Mechanic
This user does what the "Voices" say to do >:)
Guardian Angel
This User
prefers to play as a Gunslinger Fighting0023.gif

BL 1 Stuff

6794 borderlands hd wallpapers.jpg
This User owns Borderlands and all 4 DLC
This User has killed Crawmerax the Invincible 1,000+ times
This User thinks Borderlands is one of the best games ever made.
Pic of bosses
If it Lived on the planet Pandora, This user has Killed it.

Favorite BL 2 Characters

Torgue Echo.png
" Now go punch some bad guys in the Dick ! "
Mr. Torgue
" This is kinda awful, but mostly awesome "
Krieg The Psycho
Borderlands2 Maya.png
" Fear me Bitches ! "
Maya the Siren
Art merc720.jpg
This user likes to dual wield
Salvador the Gunzerker
Tiny Tina DLC Intro.jpg
" Pop !... goes the Bandit "
Tiny Tina

BL 2 Stuff

This User is the proud owner of Borderlands 2.

Other Things

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This User
knows how to use Gearcalc.
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This user does not use
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This User likes to make his own userboxes
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This User has his very own pet Claptrap
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This User believes it is not a party until someone looses their underwear... Toga, Toga.
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<your name here> smells like popcorn!
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