== For now I'll just import my FO3 user page :D == == V.A.T.S addict == aKa - Sneak Critical This user is inexorably handicapped by his inability to function outside of [[V.A.T.S.]] While he can take out a [[Super Mutant Behemoth]] with one Sneak Critical Headshot he is constantly over encumbered and is too fat to look good in his [[Vault Jumpsuit]]. aka - 43v4r melee This user needs upwards of 4000 hits to kill an Alien. {{Character |name =[[User:V.A.T.S. addict|V.A.T.S. addict]] |game =FO3 |image =V.A.T.S._addict.jpg |desc =A Renaissance man capable of "Dancing Your Socks Off!!" |race =Superior |affiliation =Compton O.G.'s |role =That gangsta |location =in V.A.T.S. =/ |quests =lrn2fallout |appearances =''[[Fallout 3]]'', ''[[Fallout]]'' |actor =Ron Jeremy }} == Quotes == * Does this [[Blackhawk]] make my ass look fat? * How do I aim? * The only spread I care about is I can't believe it's not Buttocks. * Oooooh!!!! A [[lunchbox]]!!!! * Oooooh!!!! [[Pre-War Money]]!!!! * Get off that fucking 360!!! You can't just sit around and play that shit all day!!! * I'll be taking your XBOX to my room now. * Free aim is for pussies. == Favorite Songs == * What's New, Bobblehead? - ''Tom Jones'' * Bobblehead, You Are Not Alone - ''Michael Jackson'' * Like a Bobblehead (Touched for the Very First Time) - ''Madonna'' * Bobblehead, You're My Best Friend - ''Queen'' == Pet Peeves == * People who say "Note to self" * People on the internet who tell other people on the internet to "Get a life" * Commission salespeople with clammy hands * Being in a conventional dither * Niggaz who keep choppin and choppin == Girls with Guns Gallery == <gallery> File:Very_girl_with_gun.jpg File:Hot-bikini-big-gun-girl.jpg File:XjUpY4QN1ljtjljh7JkZ0lgyo1_500.jpg File:090119last.jpg|I couldn't resist File:A diahann hot punk babe with gun.jpg|IRL Raider chick? File:Penny mathis image 7 big.jpg File:Penny again.jpg File:Staraac apr152009 0043-600x899.jpg|The gun is hotter than she is File:Jenny p hot babe with a bad gun 001.jpg File:Jenny p hot babe with a bad gun 004.jpg File:Jenny p hot babe with a bad gun 007.jpg File:(!! big guns1).jpg File:Hayden-heroes-1.jpg|zomg - heyden has a gun </gallery>

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