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This is my idea of a new DLC Add-On involving S&S Laboratories.

Here are some prototype maps

All of these levels are set at level 61

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(Marcus) After destroying the armory and taking out the biggest company on Pandora, Many of the Corporations realized that Pandora was there's for the taking.

With Atlas gone, it was a free-for-all. Everybody started flooding to Pandora to claim this new power, but S&S got there quicker, becoming even more powerful than the once former Atlas. They started developing new technologies that made Atlas look like a bunch of wusses -

_(Kid) Was Atlas the one that the vault hunters Blew up?

(Marcus) Yes, yes, Now be quiet, I'm trying to tell a story... (mumbles) Impatient brat...

Anyways, S&S had power, and everyone wanted it. Now, Dahl had a plan. Hire a few Mercenaries to go in there and retrieve the new technology that S&S had been working on and if they eliminated the competition along the way, No big deal.

Now, seeing who brought down the mighty Atlas, Dahl knew who would work just fine...

_(Kid) Was it the Vault Hunters!?!

(Marcus - annoyed) Yes! Who'd you think it was - Santa clause?

-Screen blacks out and character appears in an old two story building whick has a fast travel, Ammo shop, Med shop, and Weapon shop-


Upon entering the first area via fast travel, An echo communication box is open with a man in silhouette.

(Echo:Man): Hello. I work for the Dahl Corperation and I have an offer for you.

We here at Dahl are very interested in the projects S&S has been working on.

We will pay big money if you help us get that Tech. Whatd'ya say?

If you are interested in helping, meet Jake out by the old farm.

-Waypoint appears on map and the door to the old building opens-

Mission #1: Find Jake

Description: Dahl was saying something about this Jake guy. Go talk to him and find out what's going on.


<#>FInd Jake


Good you're here. <> 1000xp <>

Mission #2: Take a Right

Description: We at Dahl want you to sneak into S&S Laboratories and retrieve the technology they've been working on. There is an old sewer that you can use to sneak into their facility. The sewer is in town behind the The abandon Bar. Talk to the Claptrap and he will let you into town. Once you are in the sewer, take a right at the first split and it will take you right to their lab.


<#>Talk to Claptrap

<#>Find Sewer Entrance

<#>Infiltrate S&S Laboratory


Good, you didn't die. <> 2500xp <>

Mision #3: Where's the Key?

Description: Now that you're in, that door over there is going to be a real problem. Get it open and get in there.


<#> Release Lock A

<#> Release Lock B

<#> Release Lock C


Ok, since you seem to be trustworthy, here is a little somethin' to show are appreciation. <> 3500xp $250,000 <>

Mission #4: Kill 'em All

Description: Since you are fully committed to helping us, We here at Dahl thought it would be helpful to know that there are about 50 enemies on the other side of this door. We suggest killing them all, as they might get in the way.


<#>Open door

<#>Clear the room of enemies


Well, now that that's done, you should have access to the testing station. <> 4000xp $1,000 <>

Mission #5: Taking Some Notes

Description: Search around for notes and collect some data for us, we're not just paying you to kill everyone in there...


<#> Echo Entry #1

<#> Echo Entry #2

<#> Echo Entry #3

<#> Upload Data to computer


Wow, these are some seriously twisted tests. It'll take us a little bit to analyze all of this. <> 1000xp $1,000 <>

Mission #6: Killing The Lot of Them

Description: While we analyze the information, why don't you go to the Barracks and "trim down" the competition for us...


<#> Kill 100 S&S Soldiers

<#> Destroy 5 S&S Turrets


Good, Good. That will help out a lot. <> 6000xp $10,000 <>

Mission #7: Get That Tech!

Description: We just got word that The S&S Head Honcho is boarding a ship and trying to escape with the tech we're after. Find him and get that Tech!


<#> Find the S&S Warship

<#> Kill the S&S Leader

<#> Retrieve the Tech


Nice job. With this new tech, Dahl will be a new leader in the Global Market. Take this new Grenade Mod, it's a little token of our appreciation. Plus the 3 Million dollars we paid will help...

<> 35000xp $3,000,000 Dahl Super Shield Grenade Mod <> (The Mini Gun is also dropped after killing the final boss)


Final Battle: Upon entering the area "S&S Warship", the S&S Leader is introduced. The Battle Arena consists of a turret in each corner of the opposing wall. The boss himself runs around the middle and uses an S&S Immobilizer. Turrets respawn every two minutes and upon getting the bosses health down to 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4, a BadaSS will spawn and assist him.

After Defeating him(2), you need to grab the Tech. The Mini Gun also spawns in the middle of the map. The mission is turned into Jake to complete. Upon turning in the mission to Jake, the credits roll and Side Missions 1 & 2 are unlocked. He will also give you the mission "Storming The Castle" when the credits are done.

Side Mission #1: Midget Money

Given By: Jake

Description: You know those stupid little midget bastards in the woods? Well they killed my brother with one of their skag traps and I think they should pay up. Kill those little idiots and get 25 of the bags they're carrying - They have Skag pearls in 'em and I could fetch a high price for those... I'll even give you some of the money.


<#> Retrieve 25 Skag bags

<#> Return to jake


Thank you, now I can finally be at peace knowing those midgets are gone. <> 5000xp $25,000 <>

Side Mission #2: Sewer Monster

Given By: Jake

Description: There have been rumors around town that S&S took the body of Scarr after you killed him and brought him back to life. He lives somewhere in the sewer. Go find him and kill him for me - I don't want him gettin' loose and killing me in my sleep.


<#> Kill Sewer Scarr

<#> Return to jake


Well now that He's dead, everyone in town will be happy to hear that I killed him. Here's some money to keep your mouth shut. <> 10000xp $15,000 <>

Side Mission #3: Claptrap Rescue - S&S Laboratories

Given By: Claptrap

Description: A poor Claptrap that seems to have been smashed against the wall. Find a Repair Kit and fix him up.


<#> Repair Kit


Whew! Thanks. Some of those crazy soldiers decided to use me in a throwing contest. <> 20000xp BackPack SDU <>

Storming The Castle (Replayable Mission)

STC is a replayable mission given by Jake. When accepted, TONS of enemies will spawn upon entering the town, Sewer, and S&S Laboratories. The main objective is to get to the S&S Warship and raid the Small Weapons Cache (5 Black cabinets) located there. Two BadaSS soldiers will also spawn in the S&S Warship upon entering. After killing the two soldiers, a door will open and entering the room will let the mission be turned in. Talk to Jake to replay the Mission.

Description: The S&S keep getting weapon shipments and resupplying their troops. Maybe you could go "borrow" some of those guns...


<#> Find the Weapons Cache


Nice job. Head on back for another run...

The Woods (Area)

The woods is the first area encountered by the vault hunters. it contains a two story building at one end and is a vast woodland filled with skags and Grumpy Midgets. at the opposite end of the building the is a transition point leading to the next area - The Old Town. In one of the corners, there is an abandoned station that is boarded up and destert with an old sign that says "Station 01-A"

The Old Town (Area)

A run down town that has been overrun with bandits. All of the buildings are run down and bandits will periodically spawn out of them. The entrance to the Sewer is behind the abandoned Bar.

The Sewers (Area)

An old sewer system that is a maze of networks and tunnels. One end connects to the Old town and the opposite end connects to S&S Laboratories. amongst the maze of areas is a large room which is home to Sewer Scarr, the reanimated body of Scarr. (see mission: Sewer Monster)

S&S Laboratories (Area)

A high tech facility Built by S&S for all of their research and testing.

This area also has a mini area called The Barracks(1), used in the mission Killing The Lot of Them

Underground (Area)

A huge, cavernous tunnel-like area where the S&S Warship is kept. This area is highly restricted and guarded by the SS.

S&S Warship (Area)

A Battle grade ship where the Final Boss is encountered. While the area outside of the ship is the main area, the weapons on the ship itself still function.

At the end of the mission "Storming The Castle", a Blast door will open on the Side of the ship, revealing a small room that contains 5 black cabinets.

New Enemies

  • Grumpy Midget: Midgets that live in the Woods and will attack the Vault Hunters if they wander to close to the little huts they live in. They use clubs as weapons and will throw sharpened sticks for a long range attack. Grumpy Midgets also have Skag traps set up around the Woods, as they collect skag pearls and skag meat. Killing a Grumpy Midget while the Mission "Midget Money" is active will result in the midgets dropping a small bag that the Vault Hunters can pick up.
  • Sewer Skag: Skags that have been genetically altered by S&S. Very damage and corrosive resistant.
  • Sewer Scarr: The reanimated body of Scarr, Brought back to life by S&S. He resides in the Sewer and has high Corrosive resistance. Also drops Tk's Shotgun upon death.
  • Scrappers: Psychos with heavy metal armor that wander around the town searching for scrap.
  • SS (Super Soldier): Elite S&S soldiers that have been genetically altered and take greatly reduced damage. Explosive resistant.
  • BadaSS: a Badass SS that will usually wield an S&S Chainsaw. (Rarely encountered)
  • S&S Turret: A high tech turret that continuously shoots machine gun rounds and a rocket every 10 seconds. Very accurate
  • S&S Leader: The man in charge. Final Boss.

New Weapons and Mods

The Chainsaw (S&S)

I'm a Lumberjack, Baby!

A new Melee weapon. Works very well against un-armored enemies. Has 5 seconds of use with a full charge and takes 10 seconds for it to fully recharge. Does massive damage. Fire or Non-Elemental.

Mini-Gun (Gearbox)

This Thing Rocks!

This gun is obtained after beating the final boss. It was detached from the S&S Gunship after it was destroyed. Uses Special Ammo. The whole clip must be emptied in order to put in another magazine.

S&S Immobilizer (S&S)

Seize and Assist

A new S&S SMG that works similar to Liliths mind games. Every Bullet has a chance to daze enemies and reduce speed and accuracy. can be elemental

Annihilator (Torgue)

It's raining bullets

A Torgue legendary SMG With a 25.0 Fire Rate. It does moderate damage and has about 65 accuracy

Maliwan Plague (Maliwan)

Death strikes anywhere

A Maliwan Sniper Rifle. Named the Plague since the shotgun can't spawn in game. A powerful sniper that rivals a Volcano. x4 Corrosive.

TK's Shotgun (Jakobs)

One more step and it'll be your last!

Tk's original shotgun used in the beggining of the game. Slow Rof, and High Damage. Non elemental.

Eridian Firecracker (Eridian)

Pop! Pop! Pop!

A very well kept secret by the S&S corperation. This Eridian pistol shoots out a single projectile that will explode into 10 more upon impact, dealing moderate damage. Slow Rof as to not lag out the game.

Super Shield Grenade Mod (Dahl)

Who needs grenades?

A new Grenade mod made by Dahl that when thrown, goes forward about 10 feet and turns into a shield as wide as a scorpio turret and as tall as the player. Shield lasts for 20 seconds

The Guardian Shield (Anshin)

Forever there

A new shield by Anshin that continuously regenerates shield strength, and when at full capacity, moderate health regen. Evened out by low capacity and recharge (1700/100)

Other Additions

New weapon cabinets will be scattered throughout the S&S laboratory. They will contain 4 weapons in the main space, 1 weapon on each side panel and ammunition in the drawer.

  • Gray Cabinets: Standard weapons
  • Black Cabinet: Guaranteed to spawn High Quality weapons.

S&S Vendors: Vending machines that sell Ammo, health packs, and S&S exclusive Weapons, shields, grenade mods, and class mods.

Upon using S&S Vendors, a mini fast travel is activated that allows player to travel between previously activated S&S Vendors(3).

Mini-Gun Ammo Pack: Must be carried in your inventory. Contains 50 bullets. Can be Elemental

Energy Core: Power supplies that are highly valued. Worth $500,000.


There are 10 Achievements for a total of 400 Gamerscore. (5 Bronze, 4 Silver, and 1 Gold)

Sings my Chainsaw: Kill 500 enemies with the Chainsaw

Gamerscore/Trophy: 15-Gs / Bronze

Let sleeping Skags lay: Killed Sewer Scarr

Gamerscore/Trophy: 10-Gs / Bronze

Fireworks: Beat The S&S Laboratory

Gamerscore/Trophy: 150-Gs / Gold

Mini-Gun Mowdown: Kill 5 enemies with 1 continuous clip from the Mini-Gun

Gamerscore/Trophy: 25-Gs / Bronze

Stop and Chop: Immobilize an enemy and then kill them with The Chainsaw

Gamerscore/Trophy: 25-Gs / Bronze

Collector: Find 50 Energy Cores

Gamerscore/Trophy: 50-Gs / Silver

In Your Face: Beat the final boss with only S&S weapons

Gamerscore/Trophy: 30-Gs/ Silver

Quit Following Me!: Lead a skag into a skag trap

Gamerscore/Trophy: 15-Gs / Bronze

Castle Crasher: Beat Storming The Castle 10 times

Gamerscore/Trophy: 30-Gs / Silver

This is for TK: Kill 1000 Skags with Tk's Shotgun

Gamerscore/Trophy: 50-Gs / Silver


  • Scrappers will, on rare occations drop energy coils

(1) The Barracks spawns a steady stream of S&S soldiers and S&S Turrets. No items/weapons will be dropped by enemies in this area

(2) Killing the S&S Leader activates a failsafe that blows up vital components in the S&S Warship, rendering it inoperable.

(3) The S&S Vendors Fast Travel feature doesn't work when the Mission Storming The Castle is Active, as to prevent cheating.

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