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i still enjoy farming and i figured i should update this since i now have the secret armory dlc, i will soon i hope, update my mordecai picture to my lvl 61 version, as for my weapons i am currently using a malevolent savior wich has 28 clip 185 dmg 90.2 accuracy and a 14.5 firing rate, combined with my masher pistol wich is a savage equalizer with 2 shot ammo aswell as 357x7 dmg and regens ammo quicker then i can possibly fire it, along with my combution hellfire, 165 dmg 92.8 accuracy 6.9 firing rate and a similar 28 shot clip, and with a solid volcano 861 dmg 95.1 accuracy and .8 firing rate and last but not least my glorious revolution combat rifle with 258 dmg accuracy 82.4 fire rate 7.8 and 104 clip, i doubt many will view my page but to those who do i collected rares for a while but now im dumping most of my orange/dark orange in order to clear up space for collecting pearlescent weapons from solo-farming crawmerax, since i use the glitch and am a hunter using a scavenger mod u may call me cheap but i simply dont have strong enough weapons to take him on normally, when my gears better or if they patch it ill simply have to learn to get by.

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  • YAY!!!! i finally got a cyclops weapon, does 618 dmg, 97.4 accuracy, 0.9 firing rate, 3.2x weapon zoom, +33% dmg, +36% firing rate, victory is mine!!!!! what? maybe now ill try to find a new weapon, maybe prove the exhistance of the S and S draco? who knows.
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hello my name is katanacut in borderlands pc and i would like to make a trade with you for legendary and eridian weapons. i am usually on borderlands pc around 11a.m.(pst) please leave a message on my user page and add me as a friend

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