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  • I live in North America
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Here, I edited my bio. Happy?
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My Discord tag is Tora#3830, just so the rest of you that're on the Discord for the wiki know.

So, uh, fun fact. Moxxi once gave my solo Gaige a second Bad Touch.

Playthroughs of the Game I Have Completed
  • Zer0 (First playthrough, Normal mode, full solo playthrough)
  • Axton (Second playthrough, Normal mode, full solo playthrough)
  • Gaige (Third playthrough, Normal mode, full solo playthrough)

Playthroughs of the Game I Have Completed
  • Jack (First playthrough, Normal mode, full solo playthrough)
  • Nisha (First playthrough, Normal mode, full solo playthrough)

My Favorite Manufacturers For Each Weapon Type

The format is: Weapon Type (My Favorite Manufacturers For This Weapon Type)

  • Pistols (Jakobs, Maliwan, Vladof)
  • Assault Rifles (Haven't used assault rifles enough to form an opinion.)
  • Rocket Launchers (Torgue, Tediore)
  • Shotguns (Hyperion)
  • Submachine Guns (Haven't used submachine guns enough to form an opinion.)
  • Sniper Rifles (Jakobs, Vladof)
  • Lasers (Haven't used lasers enough to form an opinion.)

What I Like And Dislike About Each Manufacturer
  • Jakobs - I love Jakobs handguns and snipers. My only real problem with Jakobs are their assault rifles (but I almost never use assault rifles anyway) and the fact that they can never be elemental, but I use Maliwan for elemental weapons anyway. I love the appearances of their guns. I like the reload animations of their pistols, assault rifles, and snipers. Besides their assault rifles, I love the "fires as fast as you can pull the trigger" gimmick.
  • Bandit/Scav - I love their reload animations. That's it. Otherwise, I don't like anything about Bandit/Scav.
  • Dahl - I like their reload animations. I almost never use Dahl weapons. Their burst fire thing is kinda cool, but I hate Dahl snipers.
  • Hyperion - I love Hyperion's reload animations. I really, really wish their snipers had better fire rates. I used a lot of Hyperion weapons when I was playing anarchy Gaige. I love Hyperion shotguns, but otherwise I don't really like their weapons, mainly because of the reverse recoil/accuracy/whatever. I love the appearance of Hyperion's purple rarity weapons.
  • Tediore - I usually don't use Tediore weapons, aside from their rocket launchers and on rare occasions their shotguns. I love their reload gimmick, but it seems like their stats are usually pretty bad. Not as bad as Bandit/Scav, though.
  • Maliwan - I love Maliwan pistols and submachine guns. I don't usually use their other stuff. I also love the appearance of their weapons.
  • Torgue - Aside from their rocket launchers, I've only used Torgue guns a few times across all of my characters. I don't like their projectiles, at all. I do like their reload animations and weapon appearances, but that's really it.
  • Vladof - I love Vladof snipers. I like their pistols too, but I generally use Maliwan and Jakobs pistols. Vladof is cool.

Possibly Mildly Amusing Gun Stories
  • One time, I got the Mining Laser gun with the Stimulating prefix from a Claptrap that Jack said was given the "sexy megalomaniac" personality. STIMULATING Mining Laser from the SEXY megalomaniac Claptrap.
  • Any time I find "Thick Rod" guns or "Double Penetrating Rod" guns.

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