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hey names themecanist just call me theme, or somethin similar, I like borderlands and know alot about it, just don't know where to write it all down, finnashed both gamers to their current extent, and have found many tips and gliches in my playthroughs, my favourit characters are, mordecai and Zer0 as I love stealth

other games I like

  • assassins creed series
  • elderscrolls series
  • fallout series
  • upcommin dishonoured seriiees
  • mass effect series
  • GTA series
  • I play tribal wars, to find me my name is hellqueen

my main enemy is the antagonist, she is a dead bitch that I killed long ago, now the capital wastyeland is all mine to protectr and rule!

also I am a badass!

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