The Heavy Norris!

aka J The Indescribable

  • I live in Mikalopolis
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is Internaught, Mental Institution Resident, Public Education Atendee
  • I am a Hungry Hospitable Heterosexual Bipedal X-Chromosome Animalistic Humanoid Homosapien

Like holy black baby pickled deep fried jesus guys this is literally the best cosplay ever

I'll just be as succinct as possible. 

My name is The Heavy Norris, although I mainly go by J The Indescribable, call me J if you wish. I'm quite empathetic and might just be the most amiable person you'll ever meet. Yeah, i'm like that. I'm almost always up for some chit chat. Hit me up for some conversation any time, any subject. 

Except politics. 

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