Things what are self-referential

I'm Texhn. i usually play a siren, although i've got a soldier at 61 as well. i like to run craw, help newbies level, and generally dick around.

I use a few modded/tuned weapons, and don't mind if other players mod/tune or not, but I draw the line at invincibility. Seriously guys, don't you wanna see how much money you can lose when you die? one of my friends was losing 100 million every death. It's not like you lose XP or anything, and i feel when it comes to Craw, being on the edge of death really adds to the fun. If you get your fun from being invincible, please do that elsewhere. Of course, if you disagree with mods i will do my best to be up front about it and comply with your preferences. It's simply polite.

When I'm running a game, it's SENATOR DICKBUTT X, come kill stuff with me eh?

There are no stupid questions, only stupid places to ask them. If it is related to borderlands I will answer any question to the best of my ability, and if it's not then why are you asking me on a borderlands wiki? if you feel insulted by the manner in which i answer you, go cry about it. If the first click on a Google search gives me the answer to your question, you probably should have asked google first. Sorta what it's there for...

Things what i gotta do

  • All four classes at level 61. Soldier and Siren complete, Brick halfway.
  • See every Pearlescent drop while in a trusted game. (wham, bam, and thank you ma'am.)
  • Assist in documenting glitches and secrets
  • Assist in newer players learning and enjoying the game
  • Shoot things in the head more
  • Become an Admin/Sysop sometime down the road? Until then i guess i'll just have to be an active poster...

My favorite pages

  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor, helpful like a shotgun blast to the face isn't.
  • Nagamarky, specifically what he says about modded weapons. i just get so tired of mod drama sometimes...
  • T-Bone Junction, where i spend most of my days.
  • Crawmerax, because lobster+loot is a good thing.
  • The Armory, i'm doin' science to it and stuff.
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