Gun time.

Go die portal =P

About me

Okay, so as you can see, my username is Steel_crab. i use that on most stuff and I doubt it'll change soon. I currently play on the PS3, and my current most-played are AC2 and, of course, borderlands. I am a rabid rare collector, and I will hunt you down and eat your knees if you steal rares I haven't already got in a game. I love trading to bits, and like playing online as long as people don't nick my loot -_-. I am strictly anti-modding, so don't try and steal my rares off me for an unforgiven masher that changes elements and is made of Atlas material, because I will slag you off. I'm english, male and proud of it despite the feminists out to lynch me (don't worry, I'm not sexist *eyeroll*). I am generally active on this wiki and like helping people out 80% of the time, so if you need a hand and the mods (Claptrap, LobStoR, Fenrakk101 and Dr.F) are gonzo, feel free to buzz me.

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