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Im Russian so... Pleeze furgeev meh fur my baed eangreesh)))

Not as young as you may think))). Playing PC games since 1992. Played almost every noteable PC title until 2003 - after UT2003 fail become more selective in choice of games. Oldfag.  Like to emulate old consoles.

Licensed software? On my PC? No way! Old joke - "There are 2 kinds of software in the world - regular and pirated. There are 2 kinds of software in Russia - regular and licensed". It is sad but true. If i wont eat a thing whole month i can buy 2 licensed games))))


A Borderlands fan since the beginning. GameSpy id "Sinaeriu" - "Sinael" is mine too but i forgot the pass and couldnt restore it -_-".

61 lvl Hunter (Pistol/Bird build) -  walkthrough 2.5

61 lvl Berserker (Melee build) -  walkthrough 2.5

61 lvl Soldier (CR-oriented) - walkthrough 2.5

61 lvl Siren (Melee-spec) - walkthrough 2.5

Variable lvl Siren for fun and everything else.

Also known as Baron_Flynt.


No one has a reaper. It's just how it is. The only way we know of their existence was after Uberorb abducted a gearbox employee and force fed him pancakes.
— NOhara

Well i do. Its level 61. Its perfect. And its legit. And i have proofpic! Here you go:


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ICQ 484562398
Borderlands(PC) Sinaeriu
Borderlands(PC) Baron_Flynt
Borderlands(PC) [RUS]Sinael
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