My Set-Up


  • Sir-Kills-a-Lot: Level 50 Zer0
  • Agent Squally: Level 43 Zer0
  • Maya: Level 20 Maya
  • Axton: Level 36 Axton

Badass Rank: 18120

My main contributions

My favourite items

Item type Item Reason
Pistol Rapid Infinity Infinite ammo, and combined with the evil smasher makes this a ridiculously powerful gun
Submachine Gun Consumate Hellfire Powerful and elemental, awesome fire rate and accuracy
Assault Rifle Attack Veruc Easy to damage large groups really quickly
Sniper Volcano Good accuracy and blade
Shotgun Practicable Conference Call Super powerful when combined with The Bee
Launcher Parataxis Norfleet Unbelievable damage
Grenade Mod Homing Bonus Package Who doesn't want 20 grenades? Ridiculous damage
Shield Maximal Adaptive Shield Bonus health and resistance is awesome :D
Class Mod Legendary Soldier

Huge stat bonus and turret regen bonus

Relic Blood of the Seraphs +25% health and 0.3% health regen/sec? Count me in!
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