aka Sakuretsu

  • I live in Austria - Wish I was still in Las Vegas
  • I was born on August 9
  • I am a Vault Hunter from Eden-5

There is one they fear. In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin... Dragonborn!

Oh, hi there. I'm pleased that you took some of your time to view my humble user page. It's been so long since I've had to tell about myself. I don't even know where to start, maybe I should... Oh, wait. I haven't even introduced myself yet, haven't I? Well, I'm, uhm... Captain Scarl... er, no I mean Sakuretsu. I'm Sakuretsu. Sakuretsu115, actually. Well, actually my name is David, but I prefer my online persona better. Anyway, I'm a gamer. I really love Borderlands, obvious by the fact that I'm here, right? I also love TES V: Skyrim and also a bit of Pokemon. I mostly play FPSs and am on the XBox. Yes, I play CoD, but nothing else, like Battlefield. I also read a bit of Manga, but not much. I also like to draw a bit, but mostly I like to flesh out, bit by bit, my various stories and universes I have crammed in my head. I'm a Star Wars fan, not as big these past few years than before (still waiting on Battlefront 3 to come out...). I also can't forget to mention that I love, love, love Science Fiction. Yes, I had to capitalize that, even after I stressed it with three "loves." Wow. That paragraph had a lot of "also"s, didn't it? I'll end this paragraph by saying that I hate and am not good at writing.

What my name is...

炸裂 (sakuretsu) is one way of expressing explosion in Japanase. I know there are other words for it, but sakuretsu just sounds the best, in my opinion. I sometimes get question about my username on various sites, and I respond with one question and one question only. EXPLOSIONS? I mean, I tell them it means explosion.

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