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Atomic batteries to power... Turbines to speed... Ooo, I wonder what this does...

About me

Name: Raz.
Status: Full time college student with an addicting hobby aka video games.
Interests: Rock / Metal music. Cheesy, Scifi films.

  • Please note: If you decide to add me, please inform me beforehand or else it will be ignored.


Randy: So, did you guys decide on a team name?
Me (jokingly): Nipple Salad?
Randy: Huh, nipple salad? Everyone agree?
Group: Yup!
Randy: Team Nipple Salad it is!
— Gearbox Community Day 2013
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Current Projects

If you would like to contribute in sorting through the forums, any thread that is older than January 2018 needs to be marked with {{archive|>2years}} in source editing mode rather than visual. Someone will then close and move the post. Any help is appreciated and will be given a cookie.
0 Candidates for archival.
Experienced wiki-users who are interested can see here for more information.

My Favorite Peeps

Mordecia (sketch)

Items for Trade/Dupe

  • I trade a lot online as it is, it just depends on what you are looking for, I may have it.


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Be a creeper and see what I've been doing.


Razl uno.

RazmRazpRazh dos.

razldazlchickmsg5,225 Edits tres.

Razldazlchick cuatro.

  • If you need help making one just ask.
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'Ello poppet!
I am a Borderlands Wiki greeter.
Coding is my specialty, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Ooh, I made it rhyme!

Raz strogen Razubxbg

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