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Starting Skill


Gain the ability to turn invisible and move incredibly fast. Upon entering/leaving Phasewalk, you create a Phase Blast that damages nearby enemies. You can Melee attack to end Phasewalk early. Cooldown: 36 seconds



Tier Controller Tree Elemental Tree Assassin Tree










Silent Resolve


Inner Glow


Dramatic Entrance








Hit & Run


Hard To Get


Girl Power






High Velocity




Mind Games




Phase Strike


Totals 15 16 25
Required Level: 61

PS3 FTW's Soloist Siren Build

On my very first playthrough of Borderlands, I used Mordecai and slowly worked my way into the groove of attacking from a distance, sporting 3 sniper rifles (one normal, two elemental) and a trusty revolver. Needless to say getting downed was not fun and the low ammo was often troublesome. So I moved on to another character, Lilith; and I fell deeply in love.

Sirens have a style of gameplay that can appeal to all types of players: Control aspects to aid a full party, Elemental buffs that can torment foes, and Assassin abilities that can rival Brick's melee skills. This Soloist Siren Build is aimed at combining Lilith's best abilities, turning her into a Human Tsunami of Havoc.

  • The Ability Point Spread

Below is the recommended distribution of skill points when leveling a Siren to fit such a build:

Levels 6-10: 5/5 Striking - 100% chance of dazing enemies equal to your level by level 10 sets you up for a smooth playthrough for close encounters.

Levels 11-15: 5/5 Inner Glow - Health regeneration is perfect for any character, It lets you focus less on finding a shield with health regeneration and carrying Med Kits.

Levels 16-20: 5/5 Hard to Get - Reducing your Cooldown from 36 secs to 20 secs lets you easily maintain health with Inner Glow and lets you chain Phasewalks from one enemy to the next.

Levels 21-25: 5/5 Silent Resolve - By this points, you ought to be proficient with chaining Phasewalks, but as enemies get tougher the damage resistance lasting between Action Abilities will be welcomed.

Levels 26-30: Hit & Run - The boost to melee damage is nice, but the real advantages are the extended Phasewalk duration and the resultantly greater health gained by Inner Glow.

Levels 31-35: Blackout - Makes chaining Phasewalks far easier.

Levels 36-45: Phase Strike / High Velocity - Choosing which to invest in first is purely preferential, whether you like meleeing or firing. Phase Strike (almost) guarantees a kill by meleeing mid-Phasewalk, while High velocity boosts your gunning efficiency.

Levels 46-50: Quicksilver - If you are using an automatic weapon, you can't really go wrong here. Kills will com faster, helping out your Blackout skill.

Levels 51-55: Radiance - Combined with a 10 sec Phasewalk time from Hit & Run, you can "soften up" enemies by standing near them, bringing down their shield.

Levels 56-60: Venom - And Element going into Phasewalk, Shock damage during, and now, Corrosive Damage coming out of it.

Level 61: Phoenix - While one skill point seems pretty measly, it's all you'll need. Burn baby, burn!

  • How It Works

Survival, Power, and Versatility: These are the keys to making this build deadly. From levels 1-35, the focus is heavily on Phasewalking as a means of survival. Dazing an enemy puts you at a huge advantage; Striking allows you to walk into a crowd of enemies and bring them to a crawl. If your health starts to drop, slip into a Phasewalk and recover 70% of your max health. Then, Silent Resolve goes to work to keep you alive. Then, 20 seconds later (even less), Boom! Right back into Phasewalk! Rinse and repeat.

From levels 36-50, you'll be padding your ability to deal damage, boosting melee damage and gun efficiency. 800% damage - That's the equivalent of smacking an enemy 8 times, all in the blink of an eye. High velocity makes 4 bullets hurt as much as 5 used to. Also, there will be less of a need to lead your targets. Lastly, Quicksilver makes certain that you'll be as deadly as they come with full-auto weapons.

DLC3 gave Sirens a second chance at mastering multiple build categories. In this case, the 11 skill points were just enough to capitalize on all elements. Radiance for Shock, Venom for Corrosive, Phoenix for Incendiary, and not to mention your Artifact of choice. You'll constantly be exploiting enemies' weak points with all Elements active.

  • Optimization

Let's talk weapons. How can this deadly build become any deadlier? It all comes down to the gear baking you up:

Guns - It's obvious that Lilith's go to gun is the SMG, and that works perfectly for close quarters combat. Phase it up, smack an enemy point blank, daze them, and unload! But for the Siren looking to diversify, Shotguns are a perfect choice as well. Dazing an enemy slows down their movement, fire rate, and accuracy, making those dangerous close encounters a lot more survivable. With an enemy moving so slow, it's extremely easy to aim down the sight, target the head, and make sure all 7-12 projectiles land, dealing massive amounts of damage.

Shields- For a build like this, Recharge is far more important than capacity. It's perfectly okay for your health to receive some damage; after all, a 10 second Inner Glow session will heal you right up! It is also during this time that a fast enough Recharge Rate can completely refill your shield from the safety of your Phasewalk. As far as Special effects go, pass up the health regeneration and 30-40% health bonuses in favor of elemental resistances of Elemental Wave Bursts. These can either make you more durable between Phasewalks or soften up enemies once your shield drops, furthering the destructive opportunity of close range Phasewalk Entrance Blasts.

Class Mods - In most cases, you'll want to go with either Mercenary or Catalyst mods. Some of the most sought after Class Mods are those which offer some form of Ammo Regeneration, to take the hurt off your wallet or make you more persistent in long, drawn out battles. These Mods are great if you heavily favor SMG's.

However, the Mercenary Mod only helps you out when soloing. To be more of a team player, or more durable in difficult boss fights, you'll want to equip the Catalyst Mod. All Catalyst Mods reduce team Cooldown Time. Optimally, a Cooldown Time Reduction of 30% allows you to undergo a Phasewalk recharge of only 14 seconds! And with Silent Resolve, surviving for 14 seconds is a piece of cake. Additionally, Phoenix is a commonly boosted Ability by the Catalyst Mods, sometimes as high as +4. This allows you to greatly boost the Phoenix Ability despite having invested only 1 skill point in it. Catalyst Mods also sport Girl Power and Intuition bonuses. Unfortunately, the discussed build doesn't make room for these abilities, but it doesn't quite need to. During Phasewalks, you shield will have ample time to recharge making Girl Power less necessary, and by the time you've hit level cap, the experience bonus on Intuition will be useless. Also Catalyst Mods have two great secondary effects. The first is a Team Shield Regeneration bonus, allowing your shield to swiftly reach maximum recharge during Phasewalks. But more importantly is arguably one of the best bonuses in the game, Team Find Rare Items +1 to +2. There's nothing more exciting that finding an Orange, or even Pearlescent, rarity weapon. And with this bonus active, you'll be experiencing the joys of looting much more often.

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