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Just another Borderlands addict. Played all the classes, but prefer Lilith and Roland. Went straight from Borderlands to DLC3 since the Mad Moxxi DLC sounded like my idea of hell, and I wanted to get my hands on Pearlescent weapons. Well, I've found a few - but the ones I've found suck. Give me a Hellfire and a Defiler, an Anarchy and an Ogre, and I'm happy. Oh, and an Orion! And a Volcano. And a Pestilent Crux for up close and personal. And 2-shot mashers with good scopes are pretty damned nice, too - especially my Jakob's Unforgiven Masher.

When I get round to it I'll put up a gallery of my better weapon finds (mainly from The Armory since I've only recently managed to solo Crawmerax and so far the loot has been ordinary) [Edit: DONE]. I only play solo. I've played around a little bit with Willowtree and making constructs (not modded weapons, just trying to get the best legitimate stats possible for a particular weapon - no Shredder Shredders or Anarchy Serpens [Edit - oh all right, just one Anarchy Serpens]), but I've given it up; seems to me the whole point of Borderlands is making that big find. All weapons I've posted on this Wiki have been found by me, not constructed or duped.

Love this site - the information is incredible. I've made a few minor contributions, but nothing earth-shattering. I did do a bunch of runs of the Armory to see if killing Knoxx with Knoxx's Gold improved loot; the data suggests it does, but I haven't got any statistical analysis skills so I can't prove it - if anyone wants to analyse the data properly I can supply an Excel spreadsheet of the raw data. Contact me on my talk page.

In my real life (such as it is) I'm a children's musician doing shows in junior primary schools with instruments made out of junk; give me a piece of PVC pipe and I'll make you an orchestra: strings, woodwind, brass, percussion - the works. No, really! You haven't lived until you've played a sewerage pipe banjo, a garden-hose trumpet, or a bass drum made from a recycled 200 litre detergent barrel. And don't get me started on thongaphones (AKA slapaphones). My other hobbies are computer music (Propellerhead Reason and Record, mainly) and fishing from my Hobie Outback kayak.

I'm off to kill Crawmerax again - see you.

The hardcore "Farming? Hell, I'm a city boy!" Challenge

Fryguy42 came up with a great page on the forum Things to do in Pandora when you're dead, full of ideas for challenges when you are getting bored or overconfident. I came up with the idea of subverting the central idea of Borderlands: what if you tried to complete the game without doing any farming, or buying any weapons or items? You'd have to do the whole game using only weapons and items that you received as Mission rewards, or that were dropped by enemies, or were found in dumpsters and the like. That's right - no weapons or items from chests or vendors at all. Hmm - tricky.

Well, I've just completed playthrough 1 of BL and the Knoxx DLC playing as a Soldier (appropriately named Death Wish). And yes, I died a lot. Taking on the Eridian Promontory without a Shock Sniper (or any Shock weapon with a scope) was a very, very slow process - if you hit the Eridians often enough with a standard scoped Shottie they die, slightly before you die of old age. Taking out Lance in DLC3 with The Blister was even slower - it Procs less often then the Pope has sex.

I didn't find a single weapon in DLC3 that was better than the stuff I'd received as Mission rewards in BL - even the Ajax's Spear did less DPS than the MG I already had, and the Mission rewards were all for weapon types I had no Proficiency in. I only completed the DLC3 up to the first Armory Mission - I've no idea whether it's possible to take out Craw with this gear, but I shouldn't think so.

My final loadout gives you an idea of how tough this challenge was:

MG: Purple Lvl 28 AR390/V3 Glorious Havoc; Dam 117, Acc 82.4, RoF 12.1, Mag 72, no zoom

Corrosive Shotgun: Blue Lvl 19 The Blister; Dam 40 x9, Acc 56.7, RoF 0.9, Mag 6, Corrosive x1, 3.6x Zoom

Shotgun: Purple Lvl 19 SG10/V2 Painful Shotgun; Dam 46 x 7, Acc 66.5, RoF 1.9, Mag 5, 3.0x zoom

Combat Rifle: Blue Lvl 25 ARD Desert Stomper; Dam 149, Acc 91.7, RoF 15.0, Mag 12, 1.4x zoom

Most of these are weapons that I wouldn't have thought twice about before selling when playing the game normally. I didn't get a single decent sniper up until getting Kyros' Power, so I had no proficiency in Snipers - the ARD Desert Stomper took on that role instead. Nor did I find a single Corrosive revolver. The Painful Shotgun (I think it was a mission reward) was the most used, and most useful, weapon; with a Lvl 22 540 Commando Mod that gave +60% Shotgun Fire Rate and +3 Scattershot and +2 Defense the shottie was actually very capable.

But actually it wasn't the weapons that were what made it so tough; they were adequate if you were careful. The big problem was the lack of quality shields. Taking on Sledge with a shield that was around 100 was a nightmare, and when I started Knoxx I was still using a shield of around 330. One hit from a Lance and - boom! No shield! Fortunately I was able to pick up a slightly better shield before tackling Mr Shank - I only died once, but probably only because he did that weird thing where he gets stuck in a pillar so he held still while I pumped him full of shotgun rounds. I ended up with a shield that was dropped by Typhon, a Lvl 37 Impenetrable Tough Guy Capacity 779, Recharge 123, which made Knoxx himself doable.

So, was it fun? Yes, in a "why do I do these things to myself?" sort of way. For maximum self-inflicted Schadenfreude I opened the various Weapon Chests I found, looked at the weapons and shields I could have taken - and walked away. And, no, I didn't pick up anything in The Armory.

It could have been worse; the Scorpio Turret got a lot of use. Playing as some of the other classes would have been much more difficult.

Try this challenge yourself if you're feeling suicidal.


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My Weapons

These are the weapons I actually use frequently - I've also got a collection of other weapons that I've kept because they are good of their kind but don't suit my playstyle. I'm what you might call a compulsive collector, so I Willowtreed my backpack to give me room to keep stuff that isn't actually of any use to me. I'll probably add a gallery of those in the fulness of time.

Weapons I use with my Level 61 Lilith build, Circe

Weapons I use with my Level 61 Roland build, Zevon

My Pearlescent Weapons

So far I've found 14 Cyan rarity weapons, but I'm not getting the ones I want. Even though Zevon is maxed out on Combat Rifle proficiency the Avengers just aren't that good to play with (though that may be something to do with my playstyle). I very rarely use Launchers so the Undertakers aren't much use to me either, although I must say that the RWL720 Steel Undertaker is a cracker of a Corrosive launcher and in the right hands it would be deadly. What I really want is a Serpens, a Bessie, an Aries, and a better Tsunami.

Just to see what I was missing I built myself maxed-out versions of those weapons and shields in GearCalc and Willowtree - and yes, they are all much better suited to my playstyle than the ones I've found so far. The Serpens in particular is a real monster of a gun - I want to find one so much! I deleted the ones I had built, since I basicly play Borderlands to collect weapons, and building them seems pointless to me and takes away all the fun of the game (YMMV, of course - if you like playing with constructed weapons that's up to you).

I now farm Craw using a LAN game on my PC with 3 dummy characters (3 Sirens) who sit at the bottom of the elevator while I solo Craw with another Siren. All four wear +2FRI Class Mods. I have to run it on minimum video settings, and the frame rate sucks but it's playable. The loot? Well, there's lots more of it (around 160 items & weapons in each run), but I'm still waiting for my Serpens. It's a slow process - I did 120 Craw runs for a total of 3 Cyan weapons!

My Pearlescent Shields

3 Shields so far, all from Craw, and the two Omegas were found on the same day only 14 runs apart; it's been a good day - I got another Stalker only 10 runs later!

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