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Zer0 (72+8) Salvador (72+8) Gaige (72+8) Axton (3X) Maya (3X)
Borderlands 2 main 19 19 19 19
optional 116 116 116 116
DLC1: Pirate's Booty main 9 9
optional 23 23
DLC2: Campaign of Carnage main 15 15
optional 25 25
DLC3: Big Game Hunt main 4 4
optional 13 13
DLC4: Dragon Keep main 4 4
optional 27 27
Digistruct Peak main - - 2 - - 2 - -
Overpower - - 8 - - 8 - -
HH1: Bloody Harvest main 1 1
optional 1 1
HH2: Wattle Gobbler main 1 1
optional 2 2
HH3: Mercenary Day main 1 1
optional 1 1
HH4: Wedding Massacre main 1 1
optional 1 1
HH5: Son Of Crawmerax main 1 1
optional 1 1


Why does the level requirement decrease when I equip my weapon?

Weapon proficiency was also supposed to reduce the level requirement for weapons of that type. The feature was eventually removed from final release, but the graphics for it were left in the game, specifically in the form of incorrect itemcards when equipping weapons.

Why can't I turn in "Talk To Tannis"?

"Talk To Tannis" is an obsolete mission. (It was probably due to take place at the end of the main storyline when Tannis was still in her cell.) The only way to acquire this mission is by joining a game with the host having this glitched mission in the log. The mission was removed from the plot, and most people receive this mission after the main storyline is complete, when Tannis would be at her camp in The Rust Commons West instead of in her cell in the Crimson Fastness. Joining a co-op game at Get Some Answers will allow you to clear this mission.

Why can't I turn in "Keep Your Insides Inside"?

"Keep Your Insides Inside" is an obsolete mission. It is similar to "Fix'er Upper", where Dr. Zed asks you to fix, then buy a shield from, the medical vendor. Around the time of Leaving Fyrestone, the game checks for completion of "Keep Your Insides Inside"; failing to register it, the game activates the mission. Joining a co-op game and having the host turn in "Fix'er Upper" will apparently clear this mission. (And I say apparently because I've had no luck with it.)
KYII doesn't actually "replace" FU. I get the KYII quest when I join a startup game that has already completed the FU quest and the team is progressing towards leaving Fyrestone or has already left. The game seems to check leaving Fyrestone with the completion of FU's "Purchase a Shield" objective, sees you haven't done it, and so gives you KYII. The 2 objectives are essentially identical - buy a shield. But KYII is glitched and you can't 'Turn In'. The only way I've been able to clear it is joining another startup and completing the FU quest with them. This may not work for everyone. Without WT to reset/delete the quest, you'll just have to ignore it.
— MeMadeIt

Why are my Crawmerax drops disappearing?

The graphic overload of generating and maintaining too many items in the world prevents new items from displaying. The solution is to clear the arena of all items - firing a shot and picking up stray ammo may also help. This should be done after every run, although disappearances usually only begin after the third remap given average drop rates.