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About me

Mensahero is an ex-World of Warcraft player. He discovered Borderlands by chance, but is glad he did as the game fits his needs and wants more than WoW did.

He plays a Hunter and a Soldier. Though tempted to try the Siren and Berserker, he knows it will be more tedious than fun leveling more than two characters through the DLC's Gearbox Software has currently released and will release in the future. As addicted as he is to Borderlands, he also knows he has to limit the amount of time and energy he spends on the game in order to pursue other interests.

He feels that a sniper rifle with no scope (namely Whitting's Elephant Gun and the Rider) is really just a shotgun that fires without a spread. His favorite sniper rifle scope is scope # 2 (1.5x zoom) because of its large, clear display and dot-style reticle. Sadly, because practicality trumps style, he usually uses more powerful scopes. And thus...

His favorite weapons are:

He is obsessed with filling in the various quotes and messages of the different characters in the game for background and story purposes. His methods include:

  • Using both playthroughs of both his characters to take screenshots (in-game screenshot command) and videos (FRAPS).
  • Watching videos on YouTube.

Because he lives in Asia, Mensahero cannot obtain DLC's by download and must wait for addon packs to be released.

UPDATE: Bored out of his wits as a result of gaming withdrawal, Mensahero decided to take a risk and buy the Game of the Year edition of Borderlands. With no word from Gearbox in either email, announcements or the forums if the GOTY edition will finally give him access to the 3rd and 4th DLCs, he was worried that he wouldn't even be able to download them for use with his token. But the GOTY Edition did work and finally made Knoxx's Armory and Claptrap's Revolution to him; he's now back and happily wandering Pandora once more.

Mensahero's Unique/Legendary/Pearlescent Gun Ideas

You can view the original ideas in a thread in the Gearbox Borderlands Forums: [1] The following are updated versions of those ideas:


Type: Pistol (Repeater)
Manufacturer: Dahl
Elemental Tech: None or any
Red Text Ability: Let it fly. High damage, no recoil and reduced magazine size.
A tribute to a real world gun.


Type: Revolver
Manufacturer: Jakobs
Elemental Tech: None
Red Text Ability: One shot is what it's all about. Very high base damage (at level 69, around 2600), reduced accuracy (always lower than 90), very high recoil, reduced magazine size (always 1).
A true Jakobs hand cannon in the sense of "If it took more than one shot, then you weren't using a Jakobs". However, all that power comes at a price of being a little inaccurate and hard to handle; best to aim for center mass. The quote is from the movie The Dear Hunter (can easily be replaced by "You're using a Jakobs").


Type: Pistol (Repeater)
Manufacturer: Maliwan
Elemental Tech: Shock x4
Red Text Ability: Chain Lightning. Splash effect similar to Maliwan’s other elemental legendaries.
Something to address the lack of legendary shock weapons in the game.


Type: Shotgun (Assault Shotgun)
Manufacturer: S&S Munitions
Elemental Tech: Shock x2 or x3
Red Text Ability: Flash! Thunder! After an elemental effect triggers, the next shot automatically becomes Explosive.
Its ability is a one-two shield-breaking punch: the shock proc takes out the shield then the next shot deals extra damage to finish the target off. As an assault shotgun, it will never get the Holy crap! It shoots rockets! ability.


Type: Submachine Gun
Manufacturer: Tediore
Elemental Tech: None or any
Red Text Ability: Semper Fidelis. Huge magazine size (192 rounds), slightly increased damage, high fire rate.
Normally large magazines are S&S and Vladof's schtick, but I wanted to make a high quality Tediore SMG that broke away from the ammo regen ability. Giving it the largest magazine size for an SMG seemed like a good idea.


Type: Shotgun (Combat Shotgun)
Manufacturer: Torgue
Elemental Tech: None or any
Red Text Ability: Call it, friendo. 50% chance per shot to fire a shotgun rocket in addition to normal shotgun projectiles.
Always generated with a 2 magazine size. If it spawns with the Holy crap! It shoots rockets! ability, the red text will cause it to fire 2 rockets when it triggers. The text is adapted from the movie No Country For Old Men.


Type: Shotgun (Assault Shotgun)
Manufacturer: Vladof
Elemental Tech: None or any
Red Text Ability: Hammer & Sickle. High accuracy for a shotgun. While aiming through the scope, fires shotgun rockets instead.
As an assault shotgun, it will never get the Holy crap! It shoots rockets! ability.

New Gun Variants: The following are new variants to the guns already in the game.


Type: Combat Rifle
Component: Accessory
Gives the weapon a bayonet for melee attacks: +100% melee damage. In addition, it will slightly reduce accuracy and makes melee attacks slower but increases your melee attack range.


Type: Shotgun (Combat Shotgun)
Component: Accessory
Similar to SMGs whose bullets fly in a spiral pattern. The Tornado’s projectiles don’t scatter- instead they fly out in a clockwise spiral pattern. The spirals widen according to the gun’s accuracy.
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