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✧ Currently working on..

  • Finishing up everything on my second Siren, level 69 and DLC's 3+4 to go :)

✧ Borderlands

  • I play on a Mac, and GameRanger for online.
  • I've only ever used a Siren so far
  • Armory is by far my favorite DLC
  • I hate Thumpers, they make me rage :(

Currently have two level 69 Sirens :P. I've only ever used a Siren on Borderlands so far, and can't get myself to try anything new LOL. Both my Sirens have pretty much every mission done, with a few side missions from DLCs remaining. I don't mod anything (don't know how, actually..) and won't accept modded items in game.

✧ About Me

If you broke it, you fix it.
— Helena Pierce

Luc is short for Lucas. Hate Mondays, hate early mornings.. I enjoy anything to do with gaming and graphic/video design or editing.

I love gaming, movies, music, hockey and graphic/video design & editing. Top games would be Borderlands, BioShock, Call of Duty Series, Half-Life Series, and Runescape. I'll watch pretty much any movie that has a good storyline. I'll listen to any music with a good beat, mainly techno and rock.

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"Leaving only residue of your enemies since 2009"
Maliwan Co.
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" Having our Wood in your hands, makes us happy... ;)
- Jakobs Co.
This User likes to use Elemental Weapons
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This User thinks that
Lilith the Siren
is Smokin' Hot
This user does what the "Voices" in his head tell him to do.
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GT: Luc, #302032
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