You are viewing my page. I am not sure why. I kid, feel free to leave me comments/questions and id will be happy to respond appropriately.

I have large number of legendaries, mods, and relics that I don't mind trading or exchanging in one way or another with a couple of points.

1) I am generous but please do not not ask me to give you all the weapons/sheilds/mods/etc I have because its tedious and in bad form. 

2) I generally do not play online because of a number of bad experiences, but it is not a straight "no", so once again, please send me a message and if you are cool we can farm some stuff.

3) I do not have a microphone so my messages in response will be rather short and terse just to overtcome the annoyance of typing all that stuff out.

4) If you leave a message on my page/xbox live I do not like I will delete it and or block you. I have no interest in playing word games with invisible people on the interwebs.

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