Crawmerax The (Not So) Invincible

Crawmerax The (Not So) Invincible

A little Crawmerax Soloing

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Gamename: KewlCrayon

Video to the Left is just some gameplay of me soloing Crawmerax, check it out if you want.

Been playing Borderlands since Day 1 of the release.

Differences in Pearl-Named, White-Rare Pearl, and Pearlescent weaponry:

Pearl differences

Top Left "Pearlescent (Cyan", Top Right "White-Rare Pearl, pre v1.3", Bottom Row "Pearl-Named"

To clarify the Pearl (Cyan) weapons, against the, Pearl (White Rare), and Atlas Pearl (Named) weapons.

Yeah I know its confusing but heres the difference:

  1. The latest addition to the game are the Pearlescent rare weapons (Cyan) which are the top of the top and available in v1.3
  2. Before Cyan Pearls, there were White Rares (Called Pearl back before v1.3) which are the result of a glitch when the game generates a white texted weapon with a rarity level above orange-rare. (Thanatos were White-Rare Pearl weps before 1.3 fixed this). These weapons appeared at the top of the weapon list because the game recognized their rarity level as the highest.
  3. Now "Pearl-Named" weapons are much different than the others. Pearl-Named weapons are more like... collectables. They are pearl-plated guns (The actual 'guns' have Pearl plated on them to make them shiney and pearly white), they can be any rarity level of weapon, and are simply an attribute added to the guns. Back in v1.0 the pearl named weapons were the rarest find possible (and still very well mite be today), finding an orange rare with "Pearl" in its name was damned near impossible, although getting green and blue pearls was still a nice find, they are considerably more common than orange and purple "Pearl-Named". Now adays, people completely overlook the pearl-named's because... well, cyan pearls, whats the point of collecting pearl-named's if you can more easily find a super-legendary cyan named weapon?

Back in version 1.0 Atlas Pearl weapons were the most sought after weapons in the game, but people have seemed to have forgotten them, or that the games been flooded with noobs who dont even know, or 12 year olds who are too excited about the Pearlescents to even notice...

An Atlas Pear is Atlas`s rare weapon type, it can be any Atlas weapon, and any rarity level, but the Orange Atlas Pearl weapons were the rarest finds in the game (Along with Orange Hyperion Crimson weapons, Hyperion`s less sought after rare version because people liked the Pearl looking ones better).

Back in the day, finding an Orange Pearl was the best find you could possibly made, as is most likely still is today, but people havent figured this out yet because they`re idiots. Any Atlas weapon can be Pearl (Also any Hyperion weapon can be Crimson) but getting one is maybe 1 in 500 Atlas Weapons (This is just an estimate), so finding an Atlas Pearl Pearlescent would technically be the rarist find in the game (Equal to the Hyperion Crimson Pearlescent).

So guys, in conclusion, stop being dumb and know the difference, you might be new and dont even, this is why I`m here to educate.

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