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Starting Skill


Gain the ability to summon a pet Bloodwing out to attack an enemy and then return. Cooldown: 28 seconds



Tier Sniper Tree Rogue Tree Gunslinger Tree










































Totals 15 20 5
Required Level: 45


This is the build I use as Mordecai in PvM (player-vs-monster). It is beautiful for single player, however I have used it in coop as well (mostly two player), and as long as your team is good you will be fine. This build only requires level 45, as I can't seem to decide where I like my final 5 points best. It is built around the Sniper and Hunter class mods, and is meant to get the most out of both in one build, allowing you to swap between them for various situations.

Preferred Gear

  • The best Sniper class mod you can get your hands on. Sniper Rifle Critical Hit bonus is a must, as well as Sniper Ammo Regeneration. If you have an accurate sniper and high proficiency, Sniper Rifle Accuracy is less beneficial. Finding a Sniper mod that opts out of Sniper Rifle Accuracy for more talents and bonuses may be very beneficial in that case, but you are the ultimate judge of what you need.
  • The best Hunter class mod you can find, with the requirement of +4 points in Aerial Impact. It must have that for the build strategy to work out correctly. Other than that, it comes down to personal preference.
  • Snipers, snipers, and more snipers. Try to find as many snipers as you can for multiple situations. As you will be capable of ammo regeneration with the Sniper class mod, you don't really have to worry about having multiple weapon types to conserve ammo as much. I'd still have a few just in case, but Snipers will be your primary choice.
  • Everything else comes down to you. For shields I personally like to have a Torgue shield, as the extra health bonuses really tends to balance out Mordecai's biggest weakness, his low health and few defensive talents. Mordecai tends to go down a lot if you leave him out in the open. This gives you a little more room to play with. Grenade mods are all personal preference.


  • Very versatile: Works very well for both bosses and mass enemies.
  • Very Good Survivability: With my strategy, Out for Blood brings in a lot of health.
  • Self-sufficient: Never buy Sniper ammo again with the Sniper class mod.


  • Entirely neglects Smirk, but by choice, as its intended for higher level play.
  • It is not built to accomodate any Team class mods.

Talent Review

Sniper Tree

The Sniper tree greatly increases your character's sniping ability.. Focus and Caliber are maxed out for optimal damage and accuracy with sniper rifles. Carrion Call allows you to remove time from your Bloodwing cooldown every time you shoot something with a sniper rifle. This even works when Bloodwing is already out. Since Bloodwing will be out longer thanks to Bird of Prey on the Hunter tree, you will have plenty of time to cut off most of, if not all of the cooldown before Bloodwing even returns, allowung you to instantly send him back out once he has returned. I didn't put it in the build, but two good places to spend your last 5 points are on Loaded or Trespass. Loaded let's you to shoot without reloading longer, yet Trespass lets your shots always deal damage straight to enemy health even if they have a shield. Both are a pretty nice perk.

Rogue Tree

This tree turns Bloodwing into a killing machine. Swift Strike makes Bloodwing fly much faster and deal way more damage. Out For Blood gives you a precent of the damage Bloodwing does back in health when he returns to you. Fast Hands reduces your downtime while reloading. I only put 4, as it is all that is required to progress. You can put one of your last 5 points there. The 1 point in Aerial Impact allows it to sit at 5 with the +4 of the Hunter class mod. Bird of Prey makes Bloodwing attack multiple enemies. Unfortunately, it will never attack the same enemy twice, so if you are only fighting one it will hit it once. If there is at least two enemies, it will use all attacks. This ability allows Bloodwing to deal way more damage to groups, bringing in a ton of health every time he returns. This is very nice when you are surrounded.

Gunslinger Tree

Deadly from the Gunslinger tree gives more crit damage. Kep pulling crits and it can drastically increase your damage output. This also helps a lot for bosses too.


Having a build that works synergetically with both the Hunter and Sniper mods as such allows you to switch between them on the fly. Each of the mods focus on very different aspects of the build, each very powerful for different situations.

Hunter Mod

The hunter mod greatly increases Bloodwing's damage from Swift Strike and health return from Out for Blood. With +4 Aerial Impact, it sits at 5, making Bloodwing always daze all enemies he attacks. This is used for masses of enemies and groups. This can be very powerful, especially since you can choose Bloodwing's elemental effect for the situation as well. You will need to play a little closer so Bloodwing can reach his enemies. Torgue shields come in handy, as they give you a lot more health to be up close. Bloodwing will easily fill your health to the top even with those bonuses if you play your elements right. It can even come with scavenge extra items, which is a nice passive.

Sniper Mod

The sniper mod is used in two different situations: long shots and bosses. When you have the options, its very nice to be able to sit back and handle some things far out of their range. The sniper mod gives you extra points in focus, allowing for brutal sniper rifle accuracy. Extra points in Caliber increase your sniper rifle damage even more, and that stacks very nicely with extra sniper rifle crit damage. Use this mod on a boss, crit away, and watch it fall. Since you don't always have more than one target for Bloodwing in boss battles, the extra cooldown time reduction per sniper hit comes in handy so you can get him out more, doing more damage to the boss and allowing more opportunities to get part of that damage back in health. Though single target damage output is increased greatly, Bloodwing doesn't have quite as much opportunity to help you out with this mod on. You will have to rely much more on yourself and your ability to crit. Distance is key, allowing you to take less damage to compensate for the lower health return.

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