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About me

xbox 360 fan

Borderlands = addictive :)

Will continue to add,help and contribute to the site when possible.

This Account

I have made this account so that i may continue editing on borderlands wiki, my main account J-NoX has encountered a problem that refuses to let me edit so this account will fill that slot.


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Xbox 360 Gamertag

xjohnnox - Add me if you want to trade and if your stuck or having trouble ill help you out.

My News

Has officially turned to the dark side

Xbox has 3 rrod so ive attempted to fix it and hope she survives so if u've added me ill add you when i can

360 is fixed so oh yh!!!!

Custom Userbox Area - 1st on borderlands wiki

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Borderlands Map (Connections)

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My 360 Games

Battlefield BC 2 Just Cause 2 Metro 2033 SC Conviction COD WAW
Borderlands Battlefield Bad Company 2 Dark Void Dante's Inferno Bioshock 2 Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect 2 Prototype GTA EFLC Gears of war 1&2 COD MW2 Darksiders
The Sabateur Star Wars TFU Halo ODST GTA IV Assasins Creed 2 Alien Vs Predator
Fallout 3 Resident Evil 5 Rogue Warrior Avatar Bayonetta Stranglehold
Fable 2 Lost Planet Oblivion Kane & Lynch TimeShift Crackdown
Star Trek Legacy Guitar Hero III Halo 3 Frontlines Fuel of War Chromehounds Phantasy Star Universe