My Vault Hunter

I'm a level 63 hunter on playthrough 2.5 doing the side missions i negelected from playthough 2 so i could get the best loot. I could always use some assistance, and if your a lowish level, free XP! or ill follow you if you need a gaurdian angel and such. If anyone wants to play, send me a message on XBL, my gamer tag is my profile name. don't just send a friend request though, i ignore random friend request.

my weapons wish list

One Fully automatic Combat rifle, decent clip, fast rate of fire, X2 corrosive or better

A shield with over 1000 capacity that is very quick health regeneration.

now i am interested in finding the atlas aries and the chimeara


so i picked up kyros's power on play through 2.5 and its a solid weapon, explosive, transfusion, its great, but the eplosive effect doesnt have a multilplier attached, i saw on the kyros's power page that it can be 0x to 3x, is that what the absence is, a 0x? cause im still doing explosive damage?

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