• I live in B.C., Canada
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Lurker
  • I am Male
About me

What a weird kid.

I like:


-music (various, ranging from metal to techno)


-Borderlands and other video games of course (Pokemon, Steam)

-I can be both serious, but also immature and silly...

-The internet

Playing as mordecai. :)

Brick as a probable second choice...

Little something I'm putting together: User Talk:icanhasatlas/weapons and stuff

PSN: GanglyToes 

Steam: TM 87 

(Both of which I have Borderlands).

Borderlands 2

Characters: Level 50 Maya, Zero, Gaige, Salvador, Axton. My preference is Gaige but all of them have their charms. :)

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"That Alpha Skag was this big, i swear!"


ya'll just jelly of my hand-held sniper rifle.


Seems legit.


my bad.

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