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Transcripts and Stuff

I am the (self-appointed) manager of the Transcripts category. If you have questions about transcripts, you're welcome to go ask me on my Talk page. Anyone is welcome to help out with transcripts; thank you anyone who's helping or has helped!

Making Uncompressed Screenshots (Notes to self)


  • Default screenshot key = F8
  • Screenshots from the ingame function end up in Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\ScreenShots
  • Remove all equipped weapons. They take up screen space
  • Set your video settings to maximum if possible
  • Look in the PC Tweaks article to learn how to disable the HUD. Look in the talk page to learn how to set up high-res tiled screenshots
  • Stick your character next to a wall when screenshotting enemies which knock you back.

Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel

  • Go to Steam - Settings->In-Game->tick "Save an uncompressed copy"
  • Edit Documents\My Games\[insert game folder here]\WillowGame\Config\WillowInput.ini and change "TypeKey=NONE" to a desired key.
  • Go in-game and press the key bound in the previous step to pull up the console. Type "togglehud" and press enter.
  • Take your screenshot with the Steam screenshot key (default:F12)
    • Alternatively, activate the console and type "tiledshot" for a screenshot double the dimensions of your monitor. For even higher resolutions, type "tiledshot INTEGER", replacing INTEGER with an integer. If INTEGER is set to something too high (e.g. 8 on my computer) your game will crash.
  • Two screenshots will be taken: A jpg in the Steam place, and a .png in Documents\My Games
  • (BL2) if using tiledshot to make a higher-res screenshot, weapons must be unequipped or else their viewmodels will be tiled as well.
  • (BL:TPS) if using tiledshot, there is no need to disable the hud or unequip weapons. Action skill viewmodels still seem to be tiled too, though.

About Me

Hi I'm HybriDefiance (formerly HybridDragoness). I'm a student who really, really likes the Borderlands franchise.

Here, have some Borderlands wallpapers that I didn't feel were appropriate to upload to the wiki. I'll update this whenever I feel like.

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