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Starting Skill


Gain the ability to summon a pet Bloodwing out to attack an enemy and then return. Cooldown: 28 seconds



Tier Sniper Tree Rogue Tree Gunslinger Tree










































Totals 10 5 30
Required Level: 50


The reason I play this particular build is because it reminds me so much of my favorite build from Diablo II, the Hybrid Assassin. Move fast, deal small amounts of damage with crucial timing and keep it as fast paced and exciting as possible. This build may not be the most efficient, but its a great deal of fun to play. This is also intended to be nothing but a guideline; of course feel free to allocate and play the hunter however you feel.

Primary Equipment and Tactics

Most Important Weapon(!)

Your sword. Once you can start investing points into Lethal Strike, your melee attack will be devastating when executed properly. I recommend using it from the start, even before it becomes powerful, so you can get practice in early when its more difficult. Master your melee slash while its still weak and you won't have any problem later on. Aim for the same locations you would while sniping for criticals with a gun.

Primary Weapons

Machine Pistols with extended magazines and a higher rate of fire. The purpose of this is to allow room to be... sloppy. You will just about always be moving and jumping in order to strafe and run. Identify what is both your biggest threat and who is easiest to hit. Charge in, aim selectively (I recommend the face, derp), and let the crits' fly. I prefer to have one pistol with a melee modifier as well as one with what-have-you.

Secondary Weapons

Revolvers with Accuracy and Zoom, as well as fair stability. These will be your long range and sniping tools. Again, magazine size is extremely important, as you'll be trying to be as quick as possible, which is hard to do if you're having to reload every two rounds. I always use a 6+ round revolver, one with a greater punch and stability with a zoom as a must, and another with whatever element of my current fancy for close range.


I choose Shields based on Highest Capacity > Recharge Rate > Life Regeneration Rate > Max Life, but use the best you have available and play accordingly. I found that Life Regeneration was the most helpful early game.

Hunters are not tanks, but we're going to pretend they are. This build assumes you are going to second wind frequently, and upon revival from a second wind, your shield is fully recovered, so you want it to be able to take as much of a beating as possible. This also allows you to take full advantage of the Hunter's amazing melee modifier, which can deal massive amounts of damage between loading times or in a pinch.

Class Mod

Gunslinger, High Fire Rate modifier and Pistol Ammunition Regeneration rate above all else. You want to hit as quickly as possible, emptying clip after clip with little or no consideration for how much ammunition you're consuming. If you find in boss fights that you've exhausted every round available, switch to your other gun type. The beauty of the Pistol is that there are two different kinds of ammunition, so with 10+ regen, you'll never be out of rounds between machine pistol and revolver ammo, no matter how quickly you fire, as well as the fact that your gunslinger modifiers affect both equally.

If you can't find a Mod with Regeneration, just use whatever Gunslinger Mods you can get. Any speed advantage you can get is better than nothing, and your other Mod option comes with Pistol Accuracy bonuses, which are also very helpful. If this is the case I recommend using revolvers primarily and going with careful aiming and critical hits while sticking to dashing in and out. Melee is also extremely helpful early game and can be utilized up to and including the final boss.

Grenade Mod

Transfusion! This is your primary life source. If you're in a tight spot and surrounded by enemies right out of a second wind and fear you won't be able to recover, throw a pair of grenades at your feet and keep on fighting. Between these and your sometimes lunatic bloodwing, you should have little trouble recovering from any situation.

Skill Tree Selection

I'll address those I feel are most important to explain:

Lethal Strike

The Hunter can deal massive amounts of melee damage when strikes are placed in effective locations. A Lethal Strike that critical hits against a vital spot will 1-hit many opponents in the game. This can be extremely effective if you practice a rhythm between melee and firing bursts between enemies at short and mid range simultaneously. I find this skill indispensable.


I'm not using sniper rifles with this build, so I make every shot I fire with the revolver count all the more. Removing every other variable for failure in an accurate shot while running, crouching, diving, and otherwise bobbing about is nothing short of required.

Gun Crazy

Ever make the cleanest shot possible, but still needed just one more hit to finish off that random baddie? Now you can, 40% of the time. This simple skill makes revolvers that much more potent.

Early-Game Skill Tree Distribution

I feel that the allocation of skill points is an easy choice from the beginning of the game onward. I recommend investing in skills point-per-point in the following order until each is full prior to moving on:

1. Deadly

Learning to take advantage of critical hits from the start will only make you better mid and late game.

2. Lethal Strike

With my own style of game play, Lethal Strike was my crutch through the majority of my first play through. I used it from the smallest Skag pup to the largest roid-raged Psycho, although your play style may vary.

3. Riotous Remedy

After incorporating melee into my standard game play, supplemental life gain seemed like the wisest step to take next. Try substituting this for Lethal Strike if you find it more helpful.

4. Hair Trigger

Relentless may seem like the most logical step to take next, but I found it more helpful to pre-bolster my speed and magazine size so as to take full advantage of the meager 25% chance for a Killer Shot.

5. Focus

I justify choosing Focus prior to Relentless for the same reason I chose Hair Trigger. If you can't hit your target, what good is a 25% chance to deal extreme damage? Again, this is only my opinion, your results may vary. At this step, if you have a quick machine pistol with a large magazine, it would probably be best to take Relentless. Quantity over accuracy for this build, remember, the goal is to charge in suicidally whenever possible.

6. Relentless

Again, this is most effective if you can spray your enemies with as many bullets as possible. Each bullet is a ticket for a 25% chance for significant damage, so the more you can spit out per second, the better. Invest in this over Focus if you have a good Machine Pistol, otherwise hone your Revolver's accuracy with Focus.

7. Gun Crazy

I chose this skill over early investment in Swift Strike almost entirely due to my bias dislike of the Hunter's mindless pet bird who seems to fly around and distract me from possible Rakk threats rather than seeking out targets. This skill significantly strengthens your revolvers as well as making your machine pistol a real threat.

8. Killer

You'll find yourself killing masses of enemies in quick succession, so this is a useful tool in speeding that process. Pretty strait forward.

9. Swift Strike

At this point, there isn't much else to invest your final 5 points into that is useful or accessible, so you may find it worth while to dump your last 5 skill points into this skill for quicker Bloodwing spams against groups of enemies in tight pinches or against enemies hidden around corners.

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or insightful comments to subjects I may have overlooked. Thank you for reading! Heylookitsamoose 11:25, November 17, 2009 (UTC)

More to be added when possible until full character guide is complete.

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