Axton with turret

There is nothing more powerful than a child's love. EXCEPT A SABRE TURRET !! BA BAM

What i will try and do

I will try to add as much info to the Borderlands Wiki as possible i am a very busy guy (LOTS OF BORDERLANDS) but hopefully it will benefit the Borderlands Wiki community. With well over 100+ hours gameplay i hope to put my obsession to some good use. I'll try and help you guys get awesome guns, mods etc. so check out some of my pages to help avoid glitches and have more FUN.

If you need any help send me a message :)

Who am I

  • I'm an avid gamer with loads of games and love to play all types of games.
  • I'm currently a student
  • Lvl 50 commando (like a boss)
  • A perfectionist which i will try and bring to this wiki

My favorite pages

Favourite Games

Borderlands 2 (quite obviously)

Battlefield 3

Supreme Commander

Freelancer (amazing game)


Rome Total War (and Medieval 2)

Total Annihilation (yes old but vvveerrryyy good)

Empire Total War



Sorry for the shody picture quality, i have Borderlands 2 on xbox so cannot take screenshots or go into the item view mode and take pictures with my phone at the moment. Sorry my port card is broken for my xbox. Sorry for the poor quality pictures guys.

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