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{{notice|This user will be too busy to visit from March 28<sup>th</sup> to April 4<sup>th</sup>.}}
{{UotM|date=February 2011}}{{Userbox
{{UotM|date=February 2011}}{{Userbox
|border-c = cyan
|border-c = cyan

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Borderlands logo 001 This user was selected user of the month February 2011.
Borderlands logo 001 This user was selected Co-User of the Month June 2011.

  • I was user of the month and all I got was this lousy userbox.
  • Yay, I'm UotM again! Guess this means I should get back to work... :p

More seriously though, I just try to help out and improve the wiki, whenever I see that I can help. If you'd like me to focus on something, just ping me.

Who am I

My name is happypal. I am an editor on this wiki. I believe in putting the content first.

What I have worked on

  • Mechanics! Mechanics! Mechanics!

What I am working on now

Not much, mostly preparing for borderlands 2.

Where else have you seen me

I am a bureaucrat on a few other Wikia wikis here, and am also the founder of I try to work on both wikis at the same time. work both there and here at the same time, as I believe in diversity.

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