Welcome to my weapon page.

These are just stuff I want to show the community.

These weapons are all destined for Heavy Gunner use. Your mileage may vary depending on your class.

ALL these guns are 100% legit: They were found by me, in single player game. I do not accept trades, or pick up weapons in multiplayer.
Weapons found in user created add on content are marked as such. Ludicrous Pearls found in the fith column are in their own section.

Please mouse over the image for a weapon description.

Support Machine Guns

AR390.3 Glorious Massacre Draco happypal AR440 Glorious Havoc happypal AR490 Steel Mauler
The Chopper happypalAR490 Pearl Ogre happypal

Combat Rifles

AR40D Desert Stomper AR420-B Genocide Stomper AR Punishing Pounder


Close Range

ZPR100D Desert Matador happypal ZPR100 Steel Matador happypal ZPR14 Steel Matador
ZPR50 Steel Matador happypal ZPR350 Terrible Matador happypal

Medium Range

ZPR1200 ZZ Terrible Shredder ZPR1200 XX Terrible Shotgun happypal

Long Range


ZPR100 Hunter's Shotgun happypal ZPR21 Pearl Shotgun happypal ZPR100 Hunter's Shotgun


ZPR10 Fatal Brute ZPR630.3 Painful Brute
ZPR630 V3 Raging Shotgun ZPR43.3 Painful Brute


ZPR43.3 Angry Crux ZPR20 C Vitriolic Crux


HX 540 Steel Stinger HX 540 Steel Stinger vector


HX 540 Double Anarchy happypal HX 430D Desert Anarchy happypal


PPZ470.3 Liquid Thunder happypal PPZ470.G Crimson Lance happypal


AX300 Savage Masher AX300 XX Bloody Unforgiven happypal


AX10 Pestilent Defiler happypal DL10 B Pestilent Defiler happypal


Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner Class Mod happypal Damage Heavy Gunner Class Mod happypal Fire Rate


Commando Class Mod happypal1 Commando Class Mod happypal2


Both of these were found recently in the Crow's Nest. I find they are better than pearls, IMO.
PNG2-550AWE Alacritous Fortified Shield happyal PNG2-550OS Harmonious Fortified Shield happypal

Fifth Column Ludicrous Pearls


All 3 found in a single run...

Alacritous Omega happypal Alacritous Rose happypal Hardened Ironclad happypal


AR40-B Punishing Avenger happypal AX300 Pearl Aries happypal DVL550 ZZ Rolling Bessie happypal RWL770 Steel Undertaker happypal ZPR1200 U Hunter's Jackal happypal

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