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Hi, I'm Gryphus, back to wikis. I've made many anonymous contribution to this borderlands wiki, mainly precise information on weapon pages, such as Sloth, Roaster (Borderlands 2), Fuster Cluck, all the "Absorb Chance" part of The Sham, and many more. I know that contributions are anonymous, so I'm not trying to get ownership of them, just letting you know that I'm not new here :)

My objectives

  • Providing precise information about special effects on Unique and legendary weapons. For that purpose I have multiple "mule" characters where I store the quest weapons that I stockpile and the rare drops.
  • Removing errors and common misconceptions about special effects on weapons after extensive testing
  • Documenting how weapons and items are created by the game: Their components, and the effect of each of them to the stats.
  • Uploading high quality pictures to pages that have bad images (low res, covered card by gun barrel, etc...)

Borderlands 2

I have one of each original characters at level 69 on PT 2.5 and all DLC's completed with 100% Steam Achievements for Borderlands, plus one more extra Lilith that I used to play casually with friends on PT1.

On Borderlands 2, right now I have 100% Steam Achievements with all quests and DLC completed on both PT with my main character (Lv 50 Maya), who also has all most of the challenges (I only need to complete dueling and trading, and the Pumba/Timon duo, who are nearly impossible to spawn together :S). I have one of each other character around level 30

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