About me

Hey, I'm Caleb. I'm 21 and in college, so I have a bit of freetime to spend on games. I'm just the casual Bordelands player though. My 360GT is my name as it is here. I don't have a zillion level 61 characters or a zillion hours of playtime. I have only found a single pearlescent to date (the Jackal shotty which I find fun) and I do not mod or dupe. I enjoy playing as my Hunter the most, but Siren and Berserker are both equally as cool. The pic I have posted is something I have just found and it is my favorite weapon, so I decided to show it off since it seems to be really rare. Feel free to hit me up if there's something you want to know.

My favorite pages

HX 440 G Crimson Stinger

GMF's Hyperion Stinger

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