I'm a nice guy don't have much Irl friends, I love borderlands 2. Can't wait till I get Borderlands Tps. Borderlands 1 I liked but after playing 2 some things just felt like it was missing stuff, may be that I have no dlc for 1 but 2 head hunters Krieg and all story dlc. I want to help the wiki as much as I can.

Edit: Didn't want to change the previous part but wanted to say I did get Tps and it was the preorder bonus, it was on amazon just titled Borderlands tps so I got lucky and got it for cheap, and I love it

My favorite pages

My favorite skins *-wip-*


"Heads" LUNR-TP, CL4P-TP, EMPR-TP, (Wanted: CMD0-TP)

Skins Turquoise Finish, Custom Case, CL4P-TP's Factory Default, Ooh Sparkly, Tender Green


Heads Zer0, Disharm0ny, B0ne H3ad (Wanted: L0rd of Blades, F0rg0tten, Ech0location {Xbox 360 but lacking xbox gold} )

Skins Leaf on the Wind, Zero's Sneaking Suit, Dark Night, Green-Eyed Monster, Ninja Star, Why So Serious, Emerald Assassin, Racer, Reptilian, Dem B0nes

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