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I simply don't have as much of an interest in Borderlands as I did back when I used this wiki daily. The direction Gearbox took with Borderlands 2 basically killed it for me - I approve of all the references in the game, but they made many, many decisions that makes the game unenjoyable for me. To list a few:

  • Shift codes sound like something from an MMO or a Facebook game, which seeks to make you sign in daily and/or even follow their social media accounts for in-game benefits, which probably would have been much more appealing when I was younger but not so these days when I have many, many games to play.
  • The way they're using DLC is a blatant effort to use BL2 as a cash cow and milk the fanbase for their cash. Is the DLC good? Probably. Should it have been in the game from the start? Probably. How much of that content was going to be in the game, but then cut off and sold back as DLC? The Mechromancer, for example, was DLC announced before the game came out. WHY wasn't it included in the base game? Because a sequel can't have more characters to choose from?
  • Speaking of the Mechromancer, all the new classes seemed boring/uninspired to me. This is obviously just personal preference, but I refused to pay $70 to enjoy a $60 game on launch.

With zero interest in Borderlands 2, there was basically no way Borderlands 1 could stay interesting enough for years to come to justify me remaining active. My place in the wiki belongs to someone who does have that interest in the sequel and can more appropriately and universally contribute to it.

You can still get in touch with me through my Talk page, but I won't be exploring and editing the wiki anymore unless I randomly get back into Borderlands 1.


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