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  • My occupation is PERFECTIONIST
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A word of caution

This is my user page. I am an expert of everything.

Next to the table of contents you can see a picture of my avatar in bigger resolution. If you click on it you can see an even more in-your-face version. It's a captain cap with a douche bag statement on the front. So lame!

My favorite pets

  • 1. Bored Bulldog
Bored Bulldog

This is a Bored Bulldog designed by AmethystDesignfrom

Important matter : Please do not feed the bulldog, he is already a fatty. He can speak but only broken english (I taught him myself).

You've been warned!

  • 2. Angry Cat

This is a very Angry Cat, designed by Mudrak_Zhanna/Agence/Shutterstock

Do not feed the cat, I repeat : DO NOT FEED THE CAT!

Angry Cat by Janna Mudrak

Cat is angry and dangerous, even with stomach full of mice.

You've been warned!

My favorite links overall

My favorite pages on this wiki

My favorite troubleshooting guides

My favorite modding resources

My favorite video guides

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