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Starting Skill


Gain the ability to turn invisible and move incredibly fast. Upon entering/leaving Phasewalk, you create a Phase Blast that damages nearby enemies. You can Melee attack to end Phasewalk early. Cooldown: 36 seconds



Tier Controller Tree Elemental Tree Assassin Tree










































Totals 16 11 18
Required Level: 50

As the name suggests, this build isn't built to be the absolute best at any Siren-strategies you can pull off. It is, however, designed to pull all of them off very decently. Your guns are efficient. The combination of High Velocity, Mind Games, Quicksilver, Spark and Slayer enable very impressive damage dealing that also happens to be perfect for trivializing tough opponents with Daze. The other principal offense is stacking three elemental effects on opponents with the Phasewalk (Radiance; Electricity) > Phase Blast (Suggest Incendiary; Fire) > Phase Strike (Venom; Acid) dealing obscene longterm damage. This combination means that against large mobs and heavy duty melee, you can sit back with your ranged weapon of choice and spray away, dropping weakers with quick crits and whittling down the heaviers with daze, and against boss-type enemies and heavy duty ranged types you can stack the elementals. You also have a nice offensive-defensive nature in your Phasewalk also enables nice save when near death that enables you to heal to full while Shocking and eventually Blasting groups. This is why Hard to Get is maxed; Phasewalk is your best offense and defense and as such, want it early and often.

Again, this build isn't for maximizing one area or the other, but being competent enough in all to use whichever strategy hits whichever scenario the best. Treat it as such; every ability point decision is a trade-off and I think I've got quite a good split between the two. So far in a 3-player group, I haven't really had trouble using either though Phase Strike often requires Second Wind (easy enough when your elementals whittle the mooks down). This is a fine team player as the damage dealer and a fine solo character as an elusive all-rounder. I'd imagine she's also fine for PvP based on my experience with Siren PvP builds, but I haven't done extensive testing so I cannot promise anything there yet; all I can say is, mobility enables mostly neutralizing Berserk and the Turret, and fast movement is very good vs. Hunter.


Suggesting the following:

- Plaguebearer Class Mod.

- The best HP-boosting shield you can find.

- As many corrosive weapons as possible.

- A midrange rapidfire weapon with ~80-90% accuracy, recoil reduction, decent damage and some clip size. Sufficient (but not too high) RoF to make Quicksilver worth a damn.

- A longrange high damage weapon, most likely Sniper Rifle.

- A shortrange rapidfire weapon that dishes out a lot of damage.

- An open slot, most useful would be a mid-long range Shock elemental weapon for taking down shields (especially against Eridians).

The build is made with Plaguebearer in mind. This enables your 1 point of Mind Games and Venom to count for a lot, especially with the acid damage multiplier. The added bonus of Inner Glow-boost means you can use Health +60% shield and still be able to charge almost full from 1 HP in a single Phasewalk (given +4 at any rate). The shield should ideally be a health bonus shield since you can heal your HP easier than restore your shields, and there are weapons and attacks that ignore shields in the game. Also, shock attacks eat through shields fast (unless you have a Shock Resistance shield). Diva makes it seem like you'd be best served with highest capacity shield you can find, but it's plenty good with "just" a 1000 - 1500 or so points, and you avoid the multiple weaknesses generated by shield focus by picking up HP booster.

Due to Plaguebearer, you like corrosive weapons. Due to Mind Games, you really like high Rate of Fire weapons. Slayer + High Velocity makes you an excellent sniper though, so don't neglect a good high accuracy high damage low RoF ('cause you need none for this role) corrosive sniper for picking out the various bandits and such from ranges where they can't fire back. I've found Combat Rifles and SMGs (the few with solid accuracy, recoil reduction, clip size, RoF and damage at any rate) make for the best multitaskers in this build; they tend to pack sufficient RoF to make Mind Games good, sufficient clipsize to make Quicksilver good, sufficient accuracy and damage to make Slayer good and solid versatility to function on the various ranges. For short range, you just want a ton of firepower and shells; a Shotgun, a 4x Firing Repeater/SMG or similars make fine choices. And the last one should ideally be a medium range Shock multitasker when there are lots of shields to whittle down. If bullets are an issue (such as if your primary weapon is a double SMG with 10+ RoF), keeping a weapon of another type than your main weapon in this slot is a very good idea. It's worth remembering that thanks to your weapon speed increase, you can make comparatively good use of Eridian Cannons and Rocket Launchers; something to keep in mind.

Grenade mod mite as well be Transfusion though it doesn't really matter. Transfusion gives you some team healing capability and is a good Fire And Forget-weapon, and a decent tool for utilizing your oversized health bar. Also note that if you go SMG for both, close range and cruise range weapon, it might be a good idea to keep a Mercenary Mod around for when you just need to go gung-ho, like vs. Skagzilla, Mothrakk and the like.


Adapt. That's really all there is to it. If you're faced with huge mobs, picking them off from where they can't fire back with your Sniper is a nice start; then, when they close in, switching to cruise range strafing that'll also slow the effers down is nice. You use Phasewalk mostly for elusive healing here. Once there are only few tough guys left, you can try elemental stack and then closing in to finish.

When there are fewer high HP guys, like bosses around, you Phasewalk next to 'em and let them eat the Shock/Fire/Acid combo while pumping their face full with your close range weapon of choice. The elemental blasts should be enough to greatly weaken any nearby mooks so they provide nice sources of Second Winds or can easily just be mowed out. Note that after the Phase Strike, it's optimal if you find cover rather quickly if you're doing this with lesser opponents around the place.

When you get forced to close quarters with tons of folk (the Circle of Slaughter matches for example), toss few Transfusions, try to daze as many tougher guys as you can and drop weakers, use Phasewalk to heal and shock/incinerate vulnerable opponents and look for enough cover to survive until next walk while dropping folk all the while. If talking about an environment like the last level of the Circle of Slaughter with tons of Badmutha Brutes, you should be able to single them out, drop one, Phasewalk right after it dies, rince and repeat. No shame in running, of course. If possible, Phasewalk the hell away and engage at a more comfortable range when tons of heavy enemies come up close.

Note that Daze makes heavy duty melee like Alpha Skags, Badmutha Alphas, Badmutha Maniacs and the like total jokes. They just can't really reach you with any degree of strafing and eat loads of bullets while being ridiculously easy to dodge. Same goes to Brutes with rocket launchers as their rockets become so slow you can actually dance circles around them if you feel so inclined.

But yeah, Phasewalk is the offensive/defensive tool that sows this all together. The rest is just a bunch of damage boosters, endurance increasers and elemental tricks.

Ability Choices

Notice how I avoid skills that require killing enemies to activate? While I admit they can be useful in a wide variety of circumstances, it's my experience that you aren't really threatened in those scenarios (especially with second winds in the deal), and in the cases where you DO need the help, such as taking out lone tough guys, it sucks to have none. As such, I focused on more universal abilities and to my delight, there's a bunch of awesome ones on Siren's list. Now, the ability list isn't set in stone by any means. Especially 5-0s should constantly be re-evaluated; I'm thinking a rank or two of Silent Resolve or Blackout may outweigh Slayer or High Velocity, and a rank in Girl Power could prove very helpful. Also, the 3/2 Quicksilver/Spark split isn't spread in stone; it's just what I've arrived at to have a "comfortable" elemental chance while losing as little RoF as possible. I've found that this is really the max RoF I can efficiently utilize while still keeping my shots accurate enough to not just waste the extras outside short ranges though with the guns I've got. Obviously Recoil Reduction is huge here. Quick explanation through the various choices:

- Diva: Excellent way to increase your resilience somewhat. Not much to explain here; given your melee attacks are mostly limited to "one at the end of Phasewalk", Striking is mostly useless.
- Inner Glow: Your key survivability talent. This enables making Muscleman shields really good and makes your defensive Phasewalks actually do something.
- Hard to Get: Given how good Phasewalk is, yeah, you damn well do want it as often as possible. It's both, your best offense and your best defense. So 5 ranks in Hard to Get is the bare minimum.
- Mind Games: At first I was skeptical about this, but then I noticed just how damn many opponents there are that take a long while to drop and what an immense damage output they pack. Then I noticed that I'm using Plaguebearer anyways so 1 rank here pretty much means that with a rapidfire weapon, anyone you're shooting will be Dazed meaning they'll be easy to drop and mostly harmless. Excellent talent, and conveniently enough perfectly powerful with mere 1 rank.
- Quicksilver: One of your principal gun damage enhancers. This does it in a bit different way, but that doesn't really matter; more damage is more damage. Means you prefer lower RoF higher damage where applicable (as long as the total output is the same), since it's hard to hit with all bullets fired from 20+ RoF gun, but 10+ RoF gun with insane damage is just perfect. Note that thumpers are still TOO slow most of the time since you still want enough RoF to guarantee Daze and the like. Could benefit of more points if you feel you can spare them.
- Spark: Given all the elementals you stack on opposition, this is pretty obvious. I've found that 2 ranks seems to be plenty to consistently deal the elemental effects so I put the rest in Quicksilver for this level. Very useful.
- Radiance: Very solid offensive tool, especially with Spark and combined with the fact that higher level tough guys tend to have shields. Also awesome vs. Eridians, and well, it turns your defense+healing into an offensive tool. Yeah, that's nice.
- Venom: While you can only spare one point, Plaguebearer makes this, and your whole Phase Strike shenanigans worthwhile. It's a lot of damage you cram on people with this combo.
- Slayer: Note how I like high accuracy weapons? Well, that's 'cause I like shooting especially human opponents in the head. A ton. This obviously goes well with that plan, not to mention many bosses have extremely easy critical spots. A great damage enhancer.
- Hit & Run: It allows you to fully regenerate while Phasewalking, increases your melee damage, increases your options to use Radiance, makes you more able to Phasewalk through areas you don't wanna fight... Yeah, it just does everything.
- High Velocity: The bullet speed increase is useful at long ranges and with some weapon types like Eridian Cannons and Rocket Launchers, but of course you primarily take this for the damage which combined with your other damage enhancers adds up to quite the impressive whole.
- Phase Strike: It does a lot of damage. That goes well with Venom and Hit & Run (that almost accidentially improves your melee). This is the basis of the build; too bad you can only afford 3 ranks. A modification without Mind Games and with only 4 ranks of Hard to Get is possible and very much stronger in this capacity, but given how good Mind Games is, and the fact that it's part of Plaguebearer, I'd probably stick to this setup.

Suggested Build Order

What you look like on 50 is one thing, but how to best get there is another thing entirely. When I built this, I started off with Assassin-chain and then Controller, finishing with Elementalist. I have since come to realize that the optimal order is Controller > Assassin > Elementalist though. Controller is your source of self-healing and endurance which is the only thing serving to keep you alive. Daze, likewise, helps with surviving. Now, you'll be behind in damage for a while as Controller doesn't upgrade your damage output at all, but you should be able to get High Velocity by the end of the first playthrough. That should be enough. I'm basically suggesting:

Diva => Inner Glow => Hard to Get => Mind Games => Slayer => Hit & Run => High Velocity and go from there. This does delay Phase Strike a long time, but that's the lesser evil compared to dying constantly due to lack of proper in-combat healing and escape options.

Possible Alterations

Obviously, any changes are possible. There are some options within this very build that don't really change the whole focus of the build though, but can serve to alter some smaller details. You may consider the following alterations:
- Silent Resolve over Slayer: Slayer is a great damage booster. That much is obvious. However, the build's biggest weakness is endurance. Taking Silent Resolve over Slayer would give up some of your (rather abundant) damage output, in exchange for a great deal of survivability particularly combined with Hard To Get. This would allow you to tank after a fashion.
- Quicksilver vs. Spark: Both are great skills; they increase your damage output through different means. I feel both have diminishing returns, the higher level you get them on hence the split, but I could certainly see picking one over the other for more focus on either elemental damage or pure damage.
- Blackout vs. High Velocity/Slayer: A rank or two in Blackout may frankly be worth it; you can kill a lot of mooks after your Phasewalk with just the blast, meaning even one rank means you'll be ready to go again very soon. Avoided mostly because in teams, it's really a crapshot who gets the kills (outside snipes for opp's entire HP) and I don't want to rely on skills that require screwing my allies over their kill skills and overall, hogging.
- Girl Power vs. anything: Girl Power is like Blackout; handy, but ultimately I'd rather not rely on killing opponents. Still, especially solo, I could certainly see a bit more aggressive build with a rank or two of Girl Power over e.g. Hard to Get (compensating with Blackout). Of course, since Hard To Get is such a key talent, this is less alluring than Blackout.

Pros & Cons

Quick analysis:


  • High ranged damage output.
  • Very good at dealing longterm damage.
  • Solid debuff-abilities between elementals and Daze.
  • Self-sufficient, but a valuable team player offensively.
  • A good variety of strategic options for dealing with whatever the situation requires.


  • When not Phasewalking, relatively low endurance.
  • The optimal weapons for her are quite rare.
  • She really wants 52 levels. Good news is that apparently Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot will provide just that many extra points. They will be used to max out Phase Strike, obviously.
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