Dr. Feelgood

aka Nate

  • I live in the Nine Realms
  • My occupation is Student/bum
  • I am GROOT

Destroyed the Warrior, killed Handsome Jack, stopped Hyperion, saved Pandora AND I brought you motherfuckers donuts. You're welcome.

About Me: I originally started out at the Call of Duty wiki but with the colossal clusterfuck that was Modern Warfare 3, I stopped visiting. A hobby of mine is kicking dents in the doors of Chrysler 300s while yelling "THIS IS SPARTA!!" Any posts regarding item trading before 7/5/14 are null due to file corruption and having to wipe my PS3 to get it working again.

Favorite Class: Psycho
Mister i ll make a vault hunter out of youuuuu by hurrican128-d7f8f01

Mister, I'll make a Vault Hunter, out of you!

Level: 56 (Mechromancer)

72 (Psycho)

69 (Siren)

62 (Assassin)

24 (Gunzerker)

36 (Commando)

54 (Assassin)

50 (Gladiator)

34 (Enforcer)

34 (Lawbringer)

35 (Fragtrap)

43 (Doppelganger)

Favorite CharactersBrick, KriegMr. TorgueSpatula KhanFace McShooty, Dunks Watson,

Console: PS3

PSN ID: gasmask13

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It's just been revoked!
—Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), Lethal Weapon 2
Get hyped, fuckers!
F is for Fire that burns down the whole town! U is for URANIUM...BOMBS!! N is for No survivors!!! Here in the deep bluesea!!
Military intelligence is a contradiction of terms.
They're gonna fight us and we're gonna fight them, but we're gonna win. Long as you fools shut the hell up, that is.
—Sgt. Redford
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