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Star Pirates

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Star Pirates

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Crimson sniper 38

It Gleems!

The bestest gun

mordecai's best gun 1st playthru

Cobalt volcano 43

very handy

Hard volcano 34


Hard skullmasher 35

finally got a skullmasher 2nd playthru

Ggn490 Fearsome Skullmasher 48

Hey! Aleve!

Lb w red sniper 48

hey, wheres the compass in the stock??

Ggn40 fearsome cyclops 46

any closer and id be behind you

Ppz liquid lance 42

mordecai's best gun 2nd playthrough

Ppz1270 liquid invader 48

's about time

Lb7 2 vicious orion 39


PPZ40 Liquid Lance

best lance ive found


Sv double savior 40
Kka340 violent wildcat 34
Kka4 patrol wildcat 43
Tek440 vitriolic wildcat 48
Rf340 burning wildcat 48

substandard hellfire w/ext mag

Detonating bitch 42


Td12-g crimson bitch 48

'nother bitch

8 mil $ bitch

a high priced bitch


Brutal equalizer 21

1 hand shotgun

Lightning equalizer 40
Caustic equalizer 40

handy for those nights in old haven

Equalizer 40

pop, pop, pop!

Raw equalizer 31s

good 1st round gun

Pestilent defiler 34
Pestilent defiler 43
Bloody anaconda 43

1 hand sniper

Combat Rifles

Ar80 glorious revolution 46
Ar50 steel bastard


Tch20 rowdy bastard 47
Shattering bastard

for bastards like me

Cr combat destroyer 48


Def430 terrible defender 48
Def14 static defender 48
Def14-b terrible defender 48
Def21-b caustic defender 48
Zx100 hunters bulldog 43
Sg11 friendly fire 47
Sg100 terrible bulldog 43
Zpr100 terrible bulldog 43
Spiked butcher 40

auto shotty

Zpr11 terrible hydra 46

hordes and XL enemies only


Firehawk 34
Blr6 nasty rebel 48
Blr u urban hornet 48
Blr5 nasty invader 48
Rf white troll 40


Rpg10 mongol 46
Spc12 scoped redeemer 48


Png2 10xc impenetrable fortified shield 48

one bad motha of a shield. gotta watch the recharge tho. and no, it's not a hack


SPC770 Steel Undertaker
TK5.N Fulgurating Nemesis
ZPR1200 U Hunter's Jackal
AR490.2 Glorious Serpens

lance rocketeer solution

AX300 Pearl Aries lesser dr f

the constellation, not the god.

CR-B Intense Avenger


HX 140 C Cobalt Tsunami

rat a tat tat

Impenetrable Ironclad

seem tonly work oncw, maybe twice. but it always works once.


RV10 Stabilized Unforgiven


PPZ.G Crimson Lance dr f

my new trespass favourite

Low rent

look igor, a summer cottage!

Mini me

Hey, you seen my gun?

100 percent more

more cockin' action!

Gundam knoxx

Gundam Knoxx

Highway town chest

end of the (elevated) road

PPZ.G Crimson Lance 932
Wanted athena2
PPZ50 Steel Thunder

Content Removed

Nag's Elemental Table

All elements will proc 100% of the time unless otherwise stated.

Element Multiplier Effects 100% chance? Accessory Name
Incendiary x4 very large area of effect, much higher base damage gd_weap_sniper_rifle.acc.acc2_Maliwan_Volcano_Incendiary
Incendiary x4 high damage over time gd_weap_patrol_smg.acc.acc5_Maliwan_HellFire
Incendiary x4 large area of effect, effective x6 proc damage gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Maliwan_Firehawk
Incendiary x3-4 No gd_weap_support_machinegun.acc.acc4_SandS_Draco_Incendiary
Incendiary x4 mushroom-cloud area of effect gd_weap_rocket_launcher.UniqueParts.TheRoaster_acc5_Incendiary
Incendiary x1 No gd_weap_machine_pistol.UniqueParts.TheClipper_acc5_Incendiary
Corrosive x3-4 gd_weap_assault_shotgun.acc.acc3_Maliwan_Corrosive_Plague
Corrosive x4 spreads to other enemies more effectively gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc3_Maliwan_Defiler_Corrosive
Corrosive x3-4 serpentine bullets dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SupportMachineGun.acc4_SandS_Serpens
Corrosive x2-4 Rapid Damage Over Time (1-2 Secs)? gd_weap_repeater_pistol.acc.acc5_Hornet_Dahl_Corrosive
Shock x2-3 transfusion Yes dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.RevolverPistol.acc5_Heal_AtlasAries
Shock x4 ricochet once, equal chance to be corrosive dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SMG.acc3_Maliwan_Tsunami
Shock x3-4 procs into x3-4 corrosive projectiles with proc damage ? dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.RepeaterPistol.acc5_Shock_HyperionNemesis
Shock x3-4 ricochet once, splits into 3-4 shock projectiles Yes gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc3_SandS_Orion_Shock
Explosive x3-4 chance to be any other element gd_weap_revolver_pistol.acc.acc5_Atlas_Chimera
Explosive x3 area of effect, higher base explode damage gd_weap_revolver_pistol.UniqueParts.MadJack_acc5_Explosive
Explosive x3-4 area of effect, higher proc explode damage gd_weap_sniper_rifle_semiauto.acc.acc2_Explosive_Torgue_Cobra
Explosive x1-2 transfusion Yes dlc3_gd_weap_UniqueParts.SemiAutoSniper.acc2_KyrosPower
Explosive x3-4 No gd_weap_support_machinegun.acc.acc5_Atlas_Ogre_Explosive

AtlasSoldier's characterbox

Melbourne Horace Picklebender (AKA Mad Mel)
Mad mel dr f
Driver's Ed. Day 1
Gender Male (presumed)
Race Human (presumed)
Faction Bandit
Status Killable/Non-respawning
Location The Dahl Headlands
Weapon Class Vehicle/No drop

Hyacinth Rubidalea Moxwitzki (AKA Mad Moxxi)
Fry The Scrap Hole Sml
Ringmaster or clown? You decide.
Gender (Pronouncedly) Female
Race Human
Faction Civilian (Grifters)
Status Invulnerable
Location The Gully, Hell-Burbia , The Angelic Ruins, Moxxi's Red Light
Weapon Class Megaphone, Sex Appeal


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