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Tatarus station

Tartarus in full view.

Dahl headlands

The view from Skagzilla's ramp.

Fyrestone 2

The peaceful town of Fyrestone.

Middle of nowhere 2


Salt flats diorama 2

yeah, could use some work

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You have NOT beaten the game!

play the other characters, i know it's redundant but it builds character (pun intended)

Torgue Echo
Gygax trap
Hah Ha
Raz strogen


This user is an honorary 'Strogen!*


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Dissolv'd Rokkets 70 Blue Corrosive

An image on the wiki

The Evil Dr. F talk

Boss Weapons After Second Playthrough

The clipper 48
Bone shredder 48
Kroms sidearm 48
Madjack 48

as a hatter

The roaster 48
Reavers edge 48


Boom stick 48

Shop Smart Shop S Mart

Leviathan Dr. F

and falls!

Patton sub par

no scope :(

T.K's Wave

ride the suck, dude!

The Dove


Dr. F TFC Whitting's Elephant Gun

From The Fifth Column

Is that all? comments questions to talk page please. Dr. Clayton Forrestor

Item card/Screenshot of the day/week/month

Fry doc f takes flight



Fry wii-docf

"Push the A button, Frank!"

  • the crow's nest. only does this when i solo. have no idea why.
  • hy-ki-ba!
  • corksucking iceholes!
  • Nurse Ratchet
  • Clap T Demille
  • Clapbrandt
  • Cop Trap
  • Foley Trap (try google)
  • Flash Raygun Trap
  • Gygax Trap (try google)
  • Hat Trap
  • No, i will not fix your computer.
  • Judge Clap
  • Motion Clapture
  • Adm. Lord Nelson Trap
  • Nerd Trap
  • these lips, thppt, thptew, i have kissed.
  • you gotta try these encyclodeias. 1st month free!
  • tool time trap
  • thumb|Ba ba trap

Quote of the month

Frankly, I've never liked you, and I'm certain the feeling is mutual.
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Mothrakk dr f 2

Mod Knoxx

Mad mel dr f

"The Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rollah!" -Toadie (re:Humongous in The Road Warrior)


by hallar

Scar 4

meet chevy chase's dog Lucky

Nine toes dr f

so he can still count to twenty two

Bone head dr f

boon heed

Master mcloud 1

McCloud! (inside MST3K joke)

Sledge 2 dr f

nice grill

The white queen


Skagzilla Beam (TagsandUI removed)

this was captured by HybridDragoness not me

Tankenstein 2

do you smell something burning?


Possible misogyny

ever wonder what kind of beer is in the beer helmets?

You gotta be kidding

on the party boat

TMP88 Cold Thanatos

THIS is what used to be called Pearlescent.

Valet service 2

Hudson Johns' Car Service MoN Ltd.

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