Lilith the Firefly Build (with the Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC)

I'm not so good with the codes so here ya go!


Phasewalk - Pathetic in my opinion, but a mandatory skill. I wish I could just save the point.

Controller Tree:

Diva (5/5) - Since, at max point, it boosts shields by a quarter (25%), that helps the Siren stay alive longer then then others in a party.

Striking (5/5) - This gives you a 100% chance to daze an enemy equal or lower level to the player when hit with melee. Basically speaking, melee an enemy and their stunned, easy pickings. See the usefulness?

Girl Power (5/5) - If you kill an enemy, you get a 7% sped up shield regeneration for a few seconds. Allows your shields to get up faster after taking out another enemy.

Mind Games (5/5) - Versus an equal or lower level enemy, with max points in this skill, you have a 25% chance to stun an enemy with bullets. This skill is basically a lite (weaker) version of Striking, but with your gun, and as a Siren, your SMG. SMG = High Rate of Fire = lots of hits. See where I'm going?

Elemental Tree:

Quicksilver (5/5) - 25% fire rate increase. Do I have to spell it out? We are using an SMG, with an already ungodly rate of fire, plus a 25% increase? TAKE THE SKILL!

Spark (5/5) - With an elemental weapon (fire in our case) increases the chance of an elemental effect by 20%. More flames = more pain.

Intuition (5/5) - Great for soloing or co-op. Whenya get a kill, your movement speed shoots up by 50% (damn!) and your team (and you) gets a 20% experience bonus (also damn!). A must get for any build.

Phoenix (5/5) - When you kill an enemy (lots of these), there is a 25% chance your shots won't cost ammo and all bullets have +5 fire damage. Bitchin'.

Assassin Tree:

Slayer (5/5) - +25% critical hit damage. Makes your criticals stronger. Just f.y.i, your SMG will have a inertly high critical chance.

Enforcer (5/5) - Killing an enemy (bah! again!) gives you +35% accuracy bonus (much needed) and +10% bullet damage (again, much needed) for a few seconds.

High Velocity (5/5) - Pay attention to the +20% bullet damage and +100% Bullet Velocity. Again!!

Endgame Stat Boosts:

+5 Fire Damage (after a kill)
7% Shield Regeneration per Second (after a kill)0
+20% Elemental Chance
+20% Team Experience (after a kill)
+25% Chance to Daze (on bullets)
+25% Chance to Save Ammo (after a kill)
+25% Critical Hit Chance
+25% Fire Rate
+25% Shield Capacity
+30% Bullet Damage
+35% Accuracy
+50% Movement Speed (after a kill)
+100% Bullet Velocity
+100% Chance to Daze (on melee)

Endgame Equipment Types:

Any Incendiary Pistol/Machine Pistol - Helps out.
Firefly Class Mod - Increases all fire output for you and the party. With the HellFire SMG, Fire Shield, and Rain
Fire Burst/Wave/Nova Shield - Not the best shield in capacity or recharge, but a flame when depleted helps defeat close enemies.
HellFire SMG - Best variety of Fire SMG ever. 'Nuff said./Maliwan Fire Combo (Volcano, Hellfire, Firehawk)
Incendiary Rain Grenade Mod - Rains down flames on your enemies, leaving their health low.

And, taken from another Firefly Guide ",have fun with your Pyromaniac which rivals the sun in it's hydrogen chemical reactions!"

Demonlordraiden 09:54, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

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