• IMPORTANT NOTE: as it turns out, neither Gunzerking nor wearing a Hoarder class mod will regenerate rocket ammo. Apparently, the good folks at Gearbox in their infinite wisdom foresaw that one day, someone like me would try to do exactly what I've done here.
  • I've left this up because (a) it's still a fine general Gunzerking build, and (b) just in case a future patch breaks the regeneration restriction, or someone finds a way I didn't think of to do it.

Bombadiers: Rocket-based Gunzerker builds. You know what Torgue got right? Explosions are awesome. You know what Torgue got wrong? Not nearly enough explosions. This is a rocketeering build that lets you keep firing a long-sequence, near-unlimited stream of explodey-wodey goodness.

Lv.42+ Double Bombadier

The Bombadier has a lot of rockets to give out, and the Double Bombadier dishes out faster than any other via extended focus on Gunzerking. Spending more time in Gunzerk than out of it, you can unload from both launchers simultaneously and make short work of pretty much anything; or, you can fire one-handed while reloading the other for the equivalent of a neverending clip.

Double Bombadiers will learn to value accuracy and are more likely to run out of ammo during extended firefights... if anything ever survived against one that long.

Priority skills (marked with +) can all be had by Lv.20


Lv.47+ Intense Bombadier

Intense Bombadiers are just a bit more tactical than their Double counterparts. Explosions are meant to be used wisely, not wasted. Favoring the skills that optimize damage per shot and dictate the natural flow of combat, a skilled micromanager can get two to three times the return from every single rocket — which only rolls over once you unlock No Kill Like Overkill, getting crazy in a hurry!

Intense Bombadiers benefit from a slower firing rate, which can seem counterintuitive, and it does take time to learn its combat patterns. But once you do....

Priority skills (marked with +) can all be had by Lv.46




This is actually the easy bit. Pick up one to two rocket launchers, long-magazine Bandit or Vladof makes (but Tediore will do if you're good with them) with the MANDATORY attribute text "Consumes reduced ammo per shot". Beyond the magazine size and that attribute text, it's your own preference: go for quick reloads, or raw damage, or faster fire. Your other two weapons can be your favorite backup tactics, and not fit into this scheme; or you could incorporate weapons similar to a Torgue Grenadier-type assault rifle; or you could simply have a launcher for each base element. Your call. It's the one/two main launcher(s) that's most important.


Recommended Shield: any Blast-Proof/Adaptive shield or a Neogenator, by preference
REQUIRED Class MOD: a Lucky Hoarder or Loaded Hoarder (the best will have both)
Recommended Grenade MOD: any wide-radius Singularity, including the Quasar
REQUIRED Relic: Stockpile with Launcher Ammo Capacity (and, if you can get both, Grenade Count)

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