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If you see a Daemmerung on freenode IRC, that's me. (Though typically if I'm on IRC, I'm coding, so I may not be immediately responsive. Please don't take my silence for rudeness.)

How I Play

On PC, solo. My schedule is too funky for any sort of co-op other than one-off adventures. Also, I travel a lot to very high-latency parts of the world.

For me, this game is about character development strategies, and playing the random weapons that you're dealt (though I will occasionally cache a rare find that my character in play can't use for another character). So I'll pick a character, pre-select the weapon classes and strategies that that character will use, play the character twice through the main game, then retire the character. My obsessive level-69 farming days are behind me.

I don't have a favorite character class. If I had to pick a least favorite class, I'd say Soldier, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy playing Soldier. They're all fun.

My favorite DLC is Zombie Island, yet I rarely play it, because my sense of minmax perfection demands that I play ZI after Knoxx, and I don't really enjoy Knoxx any more. So it goes.

My favorite weapon is the rocket launcher; my least favorite, the SMG.

My favorite color is... no, never mind.

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Work in Progress

Weapon part charts

Also, see the excellent part spotter's guide at the Gbx forums.


These are finger exercises for wiki editing, really. The only thing less interesting than a static build is a static build at level 69, where all of the builds start to converge. After a certain point I stopped logging these silly things. (Probably about the same time that I stopped making substantial, constructive wiki edits.)

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