Well... never played the original, fairly new Borderlands 2 player. I mostly got this because everyone who liked Brink (yes, I know, we're an endangered species...) said the art was inspired by Borderlands, so here I am. I do enjoy the game, but aside from Mass Effect I've never been much of a shooter fan. I guess now I just want a fun franchise where they don't FUBAR the lore at the very end. Here's hoping Gearbox is better than BioWare, eh?

To that end, I've been doing simple stat mods on games ever since I modded the Mammoth Tank in the original Command & Conquer back when I was 8. I hope my modding experience will come in handy in BL2 some day. The game doesn't seem very accessible from a modding standpoint, but not impregnible either, heh.

Oh and Gunzerking isn't a special ability, it's a talent. I realize this is just an opinion and nobody will ever agree with me, but let's just say that, thus far, my Gunzerker is level 18 and I've triggered the Gunzerking ability twice in actual combat. Total. Sorry but I like to AIM at my targets, go figure. I still like the class (free ammo and health regeneration FTW) but I do feel like the dual-wielding thing is a bit underwhelming.

Especially when Axton can detonate a nuclear turrent every 28 seconds with enough class mods, etc. Just sayin.

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