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Gain the ability to turn invisible and move incredibly fast. Upon entering/leaving Phasewalk, you create a Phase Blast that damages nearby enemies. You can Melee attack to end Phasewalk early. Cooldown: 36 seconds



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Totals 22 16 20
Required Level: 63

Disclaimer - PLEASE READ!!!!!

This build is designed to go with Moxxi's and General Knoxx DLC. It DOES NOT require you to be level 63 but rather to do the extra quests in Moxxi's Underdome. Playthrough 1 you can pick up the quest "Prove Yourself" at the bounty board in the Underdome. Do this quest for both Playthrough 1 and 2 and you will be awarded an extra 2 skill points. These are to be spent on making Dramatic Entrance 5/5 rather than 3/5. I have done everything with this build that can truelly test the limits of a Siren and I have been able to do it flawllessly. I have PERSONALLY solo'ed Moxxi's round 20 for a group of 4, aka, everyone sat afk in the penalty box while I killed everything with 25 waves (5 rounds) of having no shield. I have solo'ed Crawmerax for a group of 4 (aka, they sat and looked at the vending machines while I fought Crawmerax and his adds). This build is design to kill several targets at once (or 1) by means of damage over time. Your bullet damage is trivial, it is your elemental damage stacking and Phasewalk / Phasestrike / Phaseblast usage that makes this build work. I also highly suggest reading everything about this build so that you can truely maximize it's potential.

If you want PROOF of this build's abilities, I'm on Xfire: CeLeDeXtrA

I'm more than willing to show you the build in action in all it's glory.

Build by CeLeDeXtrA >^.^<

Gear Setup

Class MOD - 660 Catalyst with following stats:

  • 30% Team Cooldown Reduction
  • +4 Phoenix (it is very important that this is the +4 skill)
  • +3 Girl Power
  • +3 intuition
  • +33 Team Shield Regeneration

Grenade MOD - Any of the following:

  • Incendiary Bouncing Betty
  • Incendiary Longbow
  • Incendiary Contact

Weapons - Your Proficiencies in order from highest to lowest (SMG -> Pistol -> Sniper):

  • Maliwan Hellfire SMG with scope and accuracy of 80 or more (top end damage and rate of fire is trivial)
  • Non-Elemental based SMG of choice (with scope)
  • Maliwan Firehawk Pistol
  • Maliwan Volcano Sniper Rifle


  • High recharge rate

Artifact Type:

  • Corrosive Artifact

How to Use This Build

This build is based on the idea of mass damage to multiple targets and single targets by means of damage over time. Through experimenting with multiple builds I have discovered this build is capable of putting out more damage than any other build, to the point of I have personally tested it and I was capable of soloing Moxxi's arenas when they are set to the difficulty of 4 players up till round 20, no shield included as a debuff. Keep in mind that this build is not designed for direct damage with bullets but rather damage over time with elemental DoT's. It's extremely important you prioritize your targets correctly and efficiently. A simple mistake of picking the wrong target to phasestrike can end in you dieing or you don't stack enough damage (DoT's) on enough targets. Okay, now for the basics of the build.

If you are at long distance start by using your sniper to pick off the weakest target. By doing this, you can trigger your Phoenix buff and Intuition which will increase your run speed by 70%. The run speed increase DOES stack with Phasewalk and sprint (normally it is best to sprint in and light as many targets as you can on fire with Phoenix). Switch to your Hellfire SMG and try to light as many targets as you can on fire while you run in. Once you are close to your target(s) go into Phasewalk. This will trigger your corrosive blast which will then go on your target(s). The corrosive damage will then increase the damage they take. During Phasewalk your Radience talent will be triggered which will get rid of the shields of pretty much ANY target and will DoT (damage over time) them with electric damage. At this point you can have a total of 4 DoT's on 1 or more targets (Phoenix DoT, Fire DoT, Corrosive DoT, and Radience DoT). All of this damage stacked together should put out about 2,000+ dps (damage per second) or more per target that is dotted if you have high level gear. This dps will vary completely based on your gear but bet on doing A LOT of damage. As the targets die your Phasewalk cooldown will be recovered by 6 seconds per target. Since you have the Catalyst MOD and Hard to Get skill, your Phasewalk cooldown will be 14 seconds by default. Two targets die and your cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds once you leave Phasewalk and 0 if you kill 3 targets during Phasewalk. Since you have Phasestrike it will be easy for you to pick a target to 1 shot or nearly 1 shot making it even easier for you to go back into Phasewalk. If the cooldown on your Phasewalk is done before the duration on your Phaswalk is over you will be able to Phasestrike without breaking Phasewalk. This means, if you have 4 seconds left on your Phasewalk and your cooldown is up, you can Phasestrike 2-3 times without leaving Phasewalk. Simple math, the more times you go into Phasewalk the more times you can hit targets with Phasestrike and 840% melee damage is nothing to shy away from.

Using Your Weapons

Hellfire SMG:

  • This is your primary weapon that you will be using at close range and medium range, sometimes long range. The reason this weapon is your main weapon is because of the almost garanteed chance to light your target on fire. This allows you to switch between multiple targets and light as many on fire, if not all, as possible in a short period of time. Don't think of doing damage with the weapon itself, but doing damage with the dot. Keep in mind that not only does the Phoenix buff give you an additional DoT but it also increases passively all the fire damage you do. When you get the Phoenix DoT on a target it will increase the damage of the fire damage you do with your fire elemental weapons.

Non-Elemental SMG:

  • This weapon is your backup SMG for targets that are highly resistent or immune to fire damage. You want this weapon to be accurate and have a scope. In other words, find the best non-elemental SMG you can possibly find for this slot. Reason you want a scope and for it to be accurate is because your Sniper is also fire based damage, so you need to be able to snipe with this SMG.

Firehawk Pistol:

  • In short, if your SMG runs out of ammo or is running low on ammo, switch to this weapon. Try to get a scope, but don't sweat it if you can't. I would suggest you try to use a high damage and accurate version of this weapon.

Volcano Sniper:

  • Obviously for sniping. You use this weapon when targets are far away or a single target is rather far away that you need or want to kill. It makes it easy for you to trigger your Intuition and Phoenix skill without putting yourself in a bad situation trying to get them.

Your Talents

Controller Tree:

  • Diva 5/5: Since you are using a fast recharge shield for this build it's important that your shield can take some extra hits before your health ends up taking the hits.
  • Inner Glow 5/5: Most likely you will have a lot of targets doing damage to you and going through your shield eventually if not extremely fast so gaining back health while in your Phasewalk (which you spend a lot of time in) is very very helpfull for survival.
  • Dramatic Entrance 5/5: Your last skill to max out, this skill helps with your DoT'ing since it will keep the targets fairly close together. It also helps with your survival since you will have lots of targets shooting at you.
  • Hard to Get 5/5: Simply put, so you can go into Phasewalk more often which means more damage and more survivability.
  • Girl Power 2/5: Since your Catalyst MOD gives you +3 points into this talent, it's 5/5 with just 2 points. This is helpful in that it speeds up your shield recovery since you will be killing multiple targets at once and you already have an increased recovery due to your MOD.

Elemental Tree:

  • Quicksilver 5/5: More shots = more chances to trigger your pistol DoT and more fire damage with your weapons since all but one do fire damage and Phoenix increases the fire damage your fire weapons do.
  • Radiance 5/5: This gets rid of their shields which means it is easier to kill your targets. It is also another DoT that stacks with your other DoT's and increases your overall damage.
  • Venom 1/5: The one point in this talent has one purpose - to change your melee strike to an elemental strike. Since you are using a corrosive artifact, your melee will benefit from the increase in damage corrosive damage causes which means more melee damage which means Phasestrike does more damage which means you kill a target while exitiing Phasewalk easier.
  • Intuition 4/5: The extra 3 points you get from your MOD change this to a 70% movement increased rather than 50%. It's very useful because this talent allows you to spread your Phoenix DoT to multiple targets and your Radiance DoT along with it. Not only this, but it lets you move in on your targets faster and makes you harder to hit. Very helpful.
  • Phoenix 1/5: Reason why this is only 1/5 rather than 5/5 is because your MOD gives you the extra 4 points. Yes, you would be able to put out even more fire damage if it was 5/5 but you are getting 5/5 regardless so there is no real loss. This talent is your bread and butter. It increases all fire damage you do by 5 when it is 5/5. This stacks with the fire damage you do much more than just an extra 5 damage on top of it. Lets say the DoT from your Hellfire SMG ticks for 200 per second. Add about 50 damage to it. A good number to throw on the damage you do is about 15-25% of the damage you would do if you didn't have Phoenix skill. Yeah, a lot of damage. You wont see this damage as ONE tick but rather multiple ticks per second. Don't forget that the Phoenix DoT is also included in the fire DoT you get from your weapons which ticks for a nice chunk on top of that.

Assassin Tree:

  • Silent Resolve 5/5: Since critting is relatively pointless since all your damage is DoT based, this is the best choice. It will reduce the damage you take for about 5 seconds after leaving Phasewalk by 70%. Along with all your other abilities that renew your shield and heal you during Phasewalk, this skill will make you that much harder to kill.
  • Hit & Run 5/5: Main reason you want this is to make your Phasewalk last longer. If your Phasewalk lasts longer you have more chances of killing targets and healing yourself while you can't take damage. Not to mention your shield recharging. The melee damage is a bonus.
  • Blackout 5/5: So your Phasewalk cooldown is almost instant.
  • Phasestrike 5/5: This helps with killing targets while you exit Phasewalk. It also adds burst damage to the spec since you are entering and leaving Phasewalk so often.

Contacting Me

Easiest way to contact me is Xfire. My screenname and profile is the following:


Extra Note:More often than not I broadcast playing Borderlands so you are welcome to watch me play and if you want, you can request me playing this build in action to see what it's like if you don't want to commit to it.

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