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Zombie Island of Dr. Ned logo.png The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned : DLC completed
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Cheers Doc.

Tim Minchin -
Eddie Izzard -
British vs. U.S. Movies
Trigun Theme


I am currently involved in creating maintaing the Legendary Weapons Prefix Table (link in box below) which aims to list all legitimate prefixes for Legendary (orange rarity and above) weapons in order to help identification of weapon legitimacy.

Weapon Prefix Table.png
This user supports the
Weapons Prefix Table

Many thanks to   Uberorb Bio melt.png   for this rather dashing userbox and for his help in finding content for the table :)

Also, please feel free to use it. It spreads awareness (and hopefully not Chlamydia).


See Inventory.

Lovely Screenshots...

...from all corners of Pandora. See Gallery.

Character Status (Hunter):

  • Level 69 Survivor Class (also uses Sniper Class)
  • All Weapon Proficiencies at Level 50
  • All missions completed in Playthrough 1 main game, DLCs 1, 2 & 3
  • All missions completed in Playthrough 2 main game, DLCs 1, 2, 3 & 4

Character Status (Siren):

  • Level 69 Mercenary Class (also uses Specter Class)
  • SMG Proficiency at Level 50
  • All missions completed in Playthrough 1 main game, DLCs 1,2 & 3
  • All missions completed in Playthrough 2 main game, DLCs 1, 2, 3 & 4.

About Me:

Moxxi's Full Challenges:

  • The Gully: Completed - Level 61 (Solo) - 1503 Kills.
  • Hell-Burbia: Completed - Co-op game (with the help of Dr. Clayton Forrestor) - 921 Kills.
  • Angelic Ruins: Completed - Co-op game (with the help of Dr. Clayton Forrestor) - 1100 Kills.


  • The Crow's Nest: Completed (Solo); all secret chests found.
  • The Fifth Column: Completed (Solo)
  • The Scrap Hole: Completed - Co-op Game (with the help of Dr. Clayton Forrestor and Fryguy42)
  • Research Spacestation: Completed (Solo)

I currently play to find better equipment, to find all (or as close to 'all' as humanly possible) available Legendary prefixes, and to get my new Siren to the same status as my Hunter.

I will happily help anyone with missions/farming.

I do not (to the best of my knowledge) have ANY modded guns, nor will I accept them. I currently only play offline or in private games. If you have good reason to believe that any of my equipment is modded, please let me know on my talk page.

Persons of Noble Lineage:

Dr. F





Madame Razl

My Favourite Pages:

Legendary Prefixes List


3PDLC Muster

The RK Jollies Listing

Trusted Traders


Dr. F's Bounty Board Of Sorrow

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