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Zer0's Tree's Done Beesafree (talk) 02:33, November 5, 2012 (UTC)
Axton's Tree's Done Beesafree (talk) 01:31, November 6, 2012 (UTC)
Salvador's Tree's Done Beesafree (talk) 01:51, November 15, 2012 (UTC)
Gaige's Tree's Done Beesafree (talk) 23:26, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

[[Maya's/Skill tree|Maya's skills]]
Action Skill: Phaselock

Motion 01Motion 02Motion 03
Motion 06Motion 05Motion 04
Motion 09Motion 08Motion 07
Motion 10Motion 11Motion 12
Motion 13Motion 14Motion 15
Motion 18Motion 17Motion 16
Motion 19

Harmony 03Harmony 02Harmony 01
Harmony 06Harmony 05Harmony 04
Harmony 09Harmony 08Harmony 07
Harmony 10Harmony 11Harmony 12
Harmony 15Harmony 14Harmony 13
Harmony 18Harmony 17Harmony 16
Harmony 19

Cataclysm 13Cataclysm 12Cataclysm 11
Cataclysm 10Cataclysm 09Cataclysm 08
Cataclysm 07Cataclysm 06Cataclysm 05
Cataclysm-10Cataclysm 04Cataclysm-09
Cataclysm-07Cataclysm 03Cataclysm-06
Cataclysm-04Cataclysm 02Cataclysm-03
Cataclysm 01

[[Zer0's/Skill tree|Zer0's skills]]
Action Skill: Decepti0n


Sniping 02Motion 02Sniping 04
Sniping 03Motion 05Sniping 05
Sniping 07Sniping 08Sniping 06
Motion 10Sniping 09Motion 12
Motion 13Sniping 10Motion 15
Motion 18Sniping 11Motion 16
Sniping 12

Cunning 02Harmony 02Cunning 03
Cunning 04Harmony 05Cunning 05
Cunning 06Cunning 07Cunning 08
Harmony 10Cunning 09Harmony 12
Harmony 15Cunning 10Harmony 13
Harmony 18Cunning 11Harmony 16
Cunning 12

Bloodshed 02Cataclysm 12Bloodshed 03
Bloodshed 04Cataclysm 09Bloodshed 05
Bloodshed 06Bloodshed 07Bloodshed 08
Cataclysm-10Bloodshed 09Cataclysm-09
Cataclysm-07Bloodshed 10Cataclysm-06
Cataclysm-04Bloodshed 11Cataclysm-03
Bloodshed 12

[[Axton's/Skill tree|Axton's skills]]
Action Skill: Sabre Turret


Guerrilla 02Guerrilla 13Guerrilla 03
Guerrilla 04Motion 05Guerrilla 05
Guerrilla 06Guerrilla 08Guerrilla 07
Motion 10Guerrilla 09Motion 12
Motion 13Guerrilla 10Motion 15
Motion 18Guerrilla 11Motion 16
Guerrilla 12

Gunpowder 02Gunpowder 14Gunpowder 03
Gunpowder 04Harmony 05Gunpowder 05
Gunpowder 06Gunpowder 07Gunpowder 08
Gunpowder 09Gunpowder 10Harmony 12
Harmony 15Gunpowder 11Harmony 13
Harmony 18Gunpowder 12Harmony 16
Gunpowder 13

Survival 02Survival 14Survival 03
Survival 04Cataclysm 09Survival 05
Survival 06Survival 07Survival 08
Survival 09Survival 10Cataclysm-09
Cataclysm-07Survival 11Cataclysm-06
Cataclysm-04Survival 12Cataclysm-03
Survival 13

[[Salvador's/Skill tree|Salvador's skills]]
Action Skill: Gunzerking


Gunlust0002Motion 02Gunlust0003
Gunlust0004Motion 05Gunlust0005
Gunlust0009Gunlust0010Motion 12
Motion 13Gunlust0011Motion 15
Motion 18Gunlust0012Motion 16

Rampage 02Harmony 02Rampage 03
Rampage 04Harmony 05Rampage 05
Rampage 06Rampage 07Rampage 08
Rampage 09Rampage 10Harmony 12
Harmony 15Rampage 11Harmony 13
Harmony 18Rampage 12Harmony 16
Rampage 13

Brawn 02Survival 14Brawn 03
Brawn 04Cataclysm 09Brawn 05
Brawn 06Brawn 07Brawn 08
Brawn 09Brawn 10Cataclysm-09
Cataclysm-07Brawn 11Cataclysm-06
Cataclysm-04Brawn 12Cataclysm-03
Brawn 13

[[Gaige's/Skill tree|Gaige's skills]]
Action Skill: Deathtrap


Friends 02Motion 02Friends 03
Friends 04Friends 13Friends 05
Friends 06Friends 07Friends 08
Friends 14Friends 09Motion 12
Motion 13Friends 10Motion 15
Motion 18Friends 11Motion 16
Friends 12

Little 02Harmony 02Little 03
Little 04Little 14Little 05
Little 06Little 07Little 08
Little 09Little 10Harmony 12
Harmony 15Little 11Harmony 13
Harmony 18Little 12Harmony 16
Little 13

Chaos 02Survival 14Chaos 03
Chaos 04Chaos 14Chaos 05
Chaos 06Chaos 07Chaos 08
Chaos 09Chaos 10Cataclysm-09
Cataclysm-07Chaos 11Cataclysm-06
Cataclysm-04Chaos 12Cataclysm-03
Chaos 13

These proposed designs would replace the current alphabetical non-image navigational templates (seen at the bottom of this page). my design features in game images with each skill in each tree of the image. This is a final version, if you click any of the images they should take you to the proper skill page. if you highlight a tree slowly, you'll see the individual images that make up the whole.

Of My Design:
Pros: Its an image, looks prettier -- the skills are listed chronologically, when you get them in game -- Shows the image of the skill -- Can see potential skill builds by looking at it -- can hover over a skill image to see the skill name
Cons: little text, cant read for a skill you want, have to hover -- Bigger than the other, but its still collapsible

Of the Current Design:
Pros: Text, can read for a skill your looking for -- smaller
Cons: messy, imo -- kinda counter intuitive, i dont really like the alphabetical design (my main reason for making this in the first place) -- only gives one bit of info, which you should already know if your looking for the skill XD

See Talk Page for Poll - Please Vote!

Current alphabetical design:

[[Gaige/Skill tree|Gaige skills]]
Best Friends Forever Little Big Trouble Ordered Chaos
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