Rarity link template problems

This link will work: Category:Skins

This link will not: Category:Skins

This too, will probably not work: Category:Skins

Potential new "Rarity link" template version

(This was put in place on December 11, 2015, btw, after an okay by WarBlade)

The situation: "Glitch" may now refer to three things, all new in the Claptastic Voyage DLC.

  1. A new item rarity
  2. A class of enemies
  3. The "basic" enemy in that class.

I'd wanted to set up separate pages for Glitch (rarity), Glitch (faction), and Glitch (enemy), and turn the main Glitch page into a disambiguation page pointing to those three possibilities. (Currently Glitch is a redirect to Glitch (rarity).)

Unfortunately, the current template used for showing nice convenient rarity color links (Template:Rarity link) would be cumbersome to link to the correct Glitch page. The wiki text {{Rarity link|glitch}} will always just link to Glitch itself, like so: glitch.

In order to link to the rarity page using the "Rarity link" template, you'd have to specify: {{Rarity link|glitch|glitch|Glitch (rarity)}}, which would then yield: glitch

That's certainly not horrible, but it means that properly using it for glitch rarity is more complex than with any other rarity level. So what I'd like to do is modify the "Rarity link" template to special-case Glitch rarity to link to Glitch (rarity) unless told otherwise. I've created a possible candidate for this at User:Apocalyptech/Rarity link, and there's a table below showing how it works. As far as I can tell, it's correctly doing its thing, in that the only case where it does anything different than the current template is when "glitch" is specified as the first argument and no other arguments are passed-in.

Current "Rarity link" Proposed change
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